Top 5 of the best brushes for miniature painting

War of Sigmar is one of the biggest blog on miniature painting. They publish a ranking of the top 5 brushes available. We are proud to announce they ranked Redgrassgames RGG Brushes #2 and #2/0 at the top of their ranking. Yes, they are simply considered as the best brushes available to paint miniatures, figurines, etc… 


 Here is what they have to say about RGG brushes:

“The finished product is a beautiful brush that look high end !”

The size 2 is the workhorse of the set … this brush is my new stapple, i do everything but the finer details with it and honestly the tip is so crisp that i do eyes with it.”

The Size 00: the brush tip is perfect and you can trace the most precise line with it”

“When i am on a tricky part of a model i reach to this size 00 as it make my life a lot easier”

“Big yes on the RGG brush. These are 1 step ahead of the competitions and if you treat them ok you should be super happy for a long time.”

 you can do everything you need with these 2 brushes, like a pro ^^.”

“if you treat them ok you should be super happy for a long time”



You can learn more about it and order your brushes right now: 


Here is the review of our set of 2 brushes for miniature painting and their top 5 in detail:


Redgrassgames Top Miniature Brushes

Our brushes were designed so that you could paint everything with 2 brushes only. To achieve that we had to select the highest quality of hair available, and design the best shape, so as to guarantee a fine tip, but sufficient paint carrying capacity. We can guarantee that this brush will step up your painting level, and make your life easier.

Hand made in germany – Custom design for miniature painting – 1 year of development

RGG brush size 2
RGG Brush size #2/0 fine details
sharpest brush for miniature painting