How to use my wet palette?

Please follow the instructions, provided on this page “Easy setup and tips”

How to close properly your wet palette?

Place the lid on top of the wet palette. Press the 4 corners. There might be a small gap (in the middle) between the top lid and the bottom of the wet palette. This is perfectly normal. Use the provided strap band to remove any remaining gap. Your palette is now close properly.

How can I clean my wet palette?

You can easily clean your wet palette with  water and a little bit of soap.

If you want to remove acrylic paints from your wet palette or accessories (except foam pad) please use only the following alcohol: ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL

All non recommended alcohol or spirit may damage or even destroy your wet palette

How can I clean my foam pad?

The foam pad is naturally mold resistant. You don’t need to add any agent or cleaning product to avoid mildew, mold or bad smell. Clean the foam pad from time to time with a little bit of soap. Never use spirit or alcohol on the foam pad! 

My foam pad looks hard and dry. Is it normal?

When the foam pad is not in contact with water, it will dry and looks like stone. It is perfectly normal!  Please put the foam pad in water to allow it to regain its original shape and properties.

Do I need the strap band to close my palette?

The closing mechanism of the wet palette is composed of a TPE seal and a strap band. Always use the strap band to remove any remaining gap between the top lid and the bottom part. With the strap band on, you can keep your paint wet for days, even more. 

Can I leave my wet palette in the fridge?

You can leave your wet palette in the fridge as well on your desk.

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