Great Gift Ideas for Miniature Painters

With our Gift Ideas for Miniature Painters, you are sure to make the right choice for Christmas. Do you want to get into miniature painting and aren’t sure what to ask for for the holidays? Are you looking for a Christmas gift for a friend or a family member? Great! You are in the right place because we have some awesome gift ideas for miniature painters and wargames hobbyists alike.

If you are not familiar with miniature painting, here is a quick list of essential tools for miniature painting.

These essential painting tools are all tested and approved by famous pro painters. There are items at a variety of price points starting from less than $10. 

Top Christmas Gift Ideas for Miniature Painters


Our favorite gift for Christmas is clearly the wet palette. A wet palette is an essential tool for any miniature painter – beginners and pros alike. In short, it keeps your acrylics paint wet and ready to be used. Acrylic paints dry out in a matter of seconds but not on a wet palette. So, the paint won’t dry out ahead of time. As a result, you just have to focus on what’s important. Enjoying your miniature painting session. Since the first success on Kickstarter, Redgrass wet palettes are the most used and recommended.

The Redgrass Painter Lite wet palette is the perfect size wet palette for most miniature painters. The size is just the right amount of surface area for small to medium projects. The wet palette is also small enough to be portable, should you like taking your figures elsewhere to paint. Also, it comes packed with everything you need for 50 painting sessions!

Redgrassgames painter lite

The Redgrass V2 Painter Wet Palette, enhanced with innovative features, is an exceptional gift for miniature painters. Now 20% larger, it offers ample space for paint blending. It is designed to work with the world’s first reusable membrane, ensuring paints stay moist for longer and reducing waste. This membrane, coupled with thicker hydration foam, maintains optimal moisture levels, crucial for keeping paints workable between sessions. Compact (16.5cm x 24 cm) but larger than the Painter Lite, it’s ideal for small to medium workspaces. The tight-sealing case preserves paint quality, even in challenging environments. This palette, perfect for both hobbyists and professionals, significantly elevates the painting experience. 

Wet Palette Redgrass Creative


RGG360° painting handle. You cannot hold a miniature bare-handed. You have to use a painting handle. Since, painting handles are so new to the hobby, you are almost sure that this gift will be highly appreciated. Well designed with some unique features: 360° rotation, an ergonomic handle, and a magnetic dock. In addition, you can swap between miniatures easily. To sum up, RGG360° painting handle (or known as miniature holder) is a useful and very unique gift.

miniature holder hobby wargame boardgame
miniature holder for hobby


Precision Nippers. Before the fun part, there is the assembly part. Countless pieces to cut and glue together and there is nothing worse than cutting plastics with bad cutters. For example, It is exactly like trying to cut a tomato with a bad knife. You will only smash it to a pulp!

Considered as one of the best cutters for the money around, these single blade nippers are perfect for a clean and precise cut, making the clipping process quick and easy. The compact tip gives a precise, clean and effortless cut, required for the preparation of plastic miniatures


Redgrass R9 Desk Lamp for Creative People

The Redgrass R9 Lamp – great lighting is crucial for your hobby space, and we believe this is the best option available if you want to treat the miniature painter in your life! Not only does it let them see the colours of their miniatures or project correctly in a way cheaper lamps just can’t equal, it also works to keep their eyes safe with flicker-free LED technology designed especially for this lamp. Headache free painting sessions is a gift that just keeps giving!

The R9 won the Red Dot Award 2023: Best of the Best, an award won also by Ferrari 296 GTS. The Red Dot jury commented that the R9  “is convincing as a tailor-made and in every detail well-thought-out-solution”. If you want a premium gift for the miniature painter in your life – this is the perfect option!  

redgrasscreative artist essentials tools light LED lamp Top Artist-Reviewed Desk Lamp for Art and Craft: The Best Choice - Part One​

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