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Meet Matt, the creative force behind Mattpaint13, hailing from the Midlands, UK. Renowned for his mastery in crafting gritty, darkly textured miniatures, he’s not only the lead artist for the charitable initiative “40 Hours of 40K” but also a revered painting tutor. A true miniature aficionado, Matt’s passion and skill breathe life into the tiniest of canvases.

Hi Mattpaint13! How did you start miniature painting?

I started miniature painting back in 2001 with the Lord of the rings battles in middle earth magazine! That got me into it before I fell out of painting. With the birth of my son I had more time so picked it up and never looked back! That was a good 10 years ago! Feels strange now to think I had part of my life where I wasn’t hobbying! I’ve always been arty so it feels good to be sat at the table.

Warhammer40k Painting Miniatures Matt.paint13

Mattpaint13: How do you choose colour schemes, and which is your favourite?

When I start a new project I have a little nosey on Instagram and Google ! I find artwork (if any! ) which generally helps me decide what scheme I want to go with! I tend to have a very dark gritty tone, Dark and moody somebody described it and that works well for me! It’s good to be inspired by what’s around you ! Lore can really help too – makes me interested in the minis I’m painting.

mattpaint13 Matt.paint13

What is your main source of inspiration?

Ooo that’s an easy one! Richard Gray (@daemonrich) kinda embodies everything I love in miniature painting ! The tones, the texture – it’s first class and one of the best if not ‘the’ best! One thing that has changed so much since I first started is you can get minis for everything now, Star Wars? Marvel? Zombies? Walking dead! You name it, somebody has probably made a mini! So for a huge geek this means I can let my mind loose.

When did you start painting at what you would consider a serious level? What do you think makes a ‘pro painter’?

Interesting question. Well I think when I started to get people that were inspired to paint by what I’ve done or to clone the schemes I’ve chosen! Considering I was just a little guy painting in my mum’s shed to think where I am now blows my mind a lot! I really enjoy teaching people to paint better. It kinda makes me feel more of a serious painter. I think once you get to a stage where you can tackle any mini with little to no issues it helps to make you feel more of a serious painter.

Mattpaint.13 Seraphon

What’s your favourite basing technique?

Oh that’s easy ! Snow! Ha if in doubt whack some snow on it! Basing wise it’s something I’m trying to improve on more and more so watch this space.

Soulblight Gravelords Warhammer wh40k AOS

What is one skill you would like to learn or improve?

Probably NMM (non metallic metal.) I can do TMM (true metallic metal) to a point where people question which it is so I’m kinda in the right area! Just would be another string to my bow. I’m always on the look out to improve and learn more, I’m attempting to combine the both currently so watch this space !

mattpaint.13 Gamesworkshop Warhammer Mini Painting

What is your favourite miniature that you have painted?

Another really hard one! So many! I really love the Primarch series which I’ve finished a few – Dorn, Horus and Angron so far! Each one is a painter’s dream! Dynamic and all so different, One of them would likely be my choice closely run by Abaddon and Loken diorama. Each one is unique but allows you to really express yourself ! I’ve always wanted to paint Magnus 30k version which is one that will get a lot of time !


Where do you begin with a new miniature, is it more a technical or an instinctive choice?

When I start a new miniature some of them can be to try new techniques (Dorn totally metallic model! ) I always try to do something new or improve on a basic skill, I always aim for every model to have one thing that improves me or to better than what I’ve done before! Even on a mini that I’m gonna do quickly it just helps me improve, I find, more! Speed wise I’m pretty quick! It’s small gains that will overall improve you, try not to aim for the best mini every time, make sure you never lose the love for it.


Where do you paint, at your home or do you have a studio?

I’m very lucky now to have a whole room dedicated to my hobby equipped with a painting table and gaming table to have all my hobby in one area at once! As I said earlier to be where I am now compared to an old shed! (I had to vacate it in the winter! ) also means my children can paint and game with me!

mattpaint13 Matt.paint13

Matt.paint13 : What are your five ‘must have’ paints?

  • Dark reaper/incubi darkness games workshop both! I group them as the same paint for when I’m doing black tones these are the go to choices! Blue or green take your pick!
  • Evil Sunz Scarlet, gw again the most glorious red I’ve found and I’ve looked hard! It’s so vibrant and bright! If you’re doing anything red ! This is the one!
  • Decayed metal scale paints, basing wise for anything metallic this is golden! Its dark base and coverage is amazing! Between the scale paint metallic and the fantastic dark star molten I’m covered so well for metallic paints !
  • Transparent black pro acryl – This is a totally different paint, it’s designed to darken areas while leaving the colour below (transparent etc!) it’s so useful! Darken your shadows, areas that were white from primer need to be black, add this first and the coverage is so much better. If you’ve not tried it then seriously this is the one!
  • Last but not least would be tenberous black from AK. This is a really interesting one, it looks super black but when you add it to your minis you realise it’s purple but very dark, which means you can shade but have room to add black further one but also gives shades another colour ! Can add vibrancy to your shades!
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