Pre order : shipping&delivery

After a few months of work, Everlasting wet palette is a reality.
Everything has been checked and tested. As stated during the Kickstarter campaign, a few pro-painters have also given us feedback on the final version.

All goods have started to leave the factory.
Please allow a few weeks before it reaches the fulfillment center.
After that, the fulfillment center will prepare your order and deliver it to you. You will be notified by email once your order will leave the fulfillment center.
To help you follow those important steps, we are  working on a shipping status by region. Available soon on our website.

As a reminder, shipping is a strict process with a lot of possible delays ( Custom clearance process, bad weather, strike…) We can in no way guarantee a delivery date but rest assure, you will all receive your order soon!

Meanwhile, please watch our setup video 

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