Preview RGG 360 Miniature holder: Le temple de Morikun FR/EN


One of the first preview of our upcoming KICKSTARTER campaign for RGG 360° an ergonomic handle for miniature painting on
WARNING: I would like to point out that the product sent is only a PROTOTYPE, therefore very likely to evolve in the future (if it is not already done) and which will in any case be finalized AFTER the KICKSTARTER campaign if it is successful. I thank you, therefore, for accepting the present criticism, as I will of course accept your feedback, in the light of this important information.


At the end of last week, I received a bubble envelope with a  2 €  stamp (important data for later ^^) whose provenance was not provided. Not particularly expecting anything (and Wayland Games not being so fast ^^), I did not expect to receive the RGG 360 ° so quickly after my email exchanges with Vivien ^^ So I found the prototype and the business card of Vivien, director and co-founder please !! It’s now more ‘Bordeaux Chesnel and Ferrero Rocher is not it? XD Jokes aside, I would like to know the reason for the name “Red Grass” or “Red Grass” … A battlefield a little too busy? A bottle of suicidal ketchup  Hmmm … I’m impatient !! ^^
On the back of the business card, a small handwritten not … In English.God be blessed, my Dear Vivien : fortunately, my english is quite good despite the fact that I don’t know if my taylor is rich or not… Because I haven’t  but I know where is Brian ^^
Here is the miniature holder made by RGG … Black resin slightly curve to fit the shape of the fist … And a small paper-style baking paper on the top … No mark, no name. It is rough   but I knew what to expect with a prototype^^
Raw 3D printed…
But by the way, what is the approximate size of this holder? Well not very big: here is a picture with a minis from GW  caliber “primaris”  and a Corvus Belli (Infinity) to have a little idea.
Until then, either I manipulated my figs with their base, or I used plastic caps and cork bought 2 €  for 5 at Carrefour with patafix. They are not very big but they already gave me some satisfaction (not expensive in addition) during my painting sessions. I would have liked to compare with the handle of GW for example but when I knew that RGG was going to send me their prototype, I postponed my purchase.
A very good point is that the RGG 360 ° is very light and it weighs only 43g (hence the fact that I did not get it was this thing in the bubble envelope stamped 2 € ): When you paint for an hour, if your tool is “heavy”, it brings an extra effort and fatigue when the concentration is already important. A lightweight tool is a real plus.
What are the measurements?
Length: 8.5cm
Diameter: around 3.5cm
Below the little piece of parchment paper …
A kind of adhesive putty to fix your miniature
Well you know me, I like to go to the bottom of things ^^ I looked below to see what there was: rough streaks of 3D printing. It’s not bad because it allows to fix the adhesive putty rather than a smooth surface whose adhesion is less obvious ^^
I was able to put the adhesive putty back in place, effortlessly^^
The  size of the RGG 360 ° is not bigger than a grown up hand …
And the curve shape allows to have it well in hand, whether one is right-handed or left-handed.
Small adhesion test  with a mini …
Nothing to say, you can turn your mini in every directions ^^
In case some people have suspected that I will have alter the  photo, here is the same manipulation with a mini on the ground ^^
Since the beginning I speak to you about the “RGG 360 °” … But why? Simply because the top of the handle comes with a ring that rotates both right and left! And personally, I really appreciate this option. The following pictures shows that with one hand, I can have access to all parts of the mini…
… and smoothly. I find it very interesting to, for example, check a tint, a light exposure, a gradient without having to put the brush or rotate the entire tool in the hand: the tool is well maintained and with a or two fingers, we benefit from an extra manipulation without fearing an unfortunate gesture that will send everything on the ground  The bearing is easy but it is not too “loose” so you will not be afraid to move your mini  just by moving your brush or removing your hand  I repeat, for me it’s very well done ^^

The first part of this RGG 360 ° preview by REDGRASS GAMES is coming to an end. I’ll have to go into a few usual painting sessions to be able to fully appreciate the ergonomics and ease of handling promised by this miniature holder. For the moment, I do not see any negative criticism to make … But if so, it will be by precisely detailed  … As usual in the Temple ^^


The strong points :

– lightness.

– the size neither too small nor too big for most miniatures (I will see if possible for larger pieces like monsters, cavalry … This format  excluding the treatment of pieces like a dreadnought or a tank.

– the good grip.

– The rotating ring which is handled without effort and which allows to “switch” the subject to paint.

The points to be evaluated or preliminary reflections:

– Trying to fix very small elements like a head or an arm?

– the lifespan of the rotating system in case of  repeated painting session? (air brush).

I will have the opportunity to check in practice these theoretical issues with  my current project: the leader of my chaotic faction for Kill Team: the terrible “Pestilus the Blessed”, Lord Space Marine Death Guard abundantly converted from a Lord of Contagion of GW ^^
I thank Vivien and the whole REDGRASSGAMES team for the confidence they are honoring me by asking me to review their next product.. Again, keep in mind that I have here a “simple” functional prototype: the final product should be much better and certainly more efficient ^^ Thank you very much,


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