Professional miniature painter : Angel Giraldez

Professional miniature painter : Angel Giraldez

Angel Giraldez was kind enough to answer a few questions about his job as a professional miniature painter. In this interview, you’ll see how passionate he is and how important it is for him to share his work. In order to help other miniature painters, he makes a lot of videos and tutorials that we all appreciate. At RedGrassGames, we’re really proud to support an artist with such a great life philosophy. So we’re glad to share with you this interview, which is the occasion to know a little more about him and to enjoy a bit of his experience and advice.

INTRODUCE YOURSELF: Can you introduce yourself? What background do you have? Have you always been working in arts?

My name is Angel Giraldez Vidal, and I’m a professional miniature painter since 2003. I started working in the city I come from, Vigo, as a “jack of all trades” worker.

With time, I started painting a little bit until today. And yes, I have always been working in the arts. I studied to become one day a metal turner guy, but…, here I am! 

THE BEGINNING : When did you start painting miniatures? How did you start? Can you remember one of the first miniatures you painted?

I started painting miniatures in 2003 after being fascinated with a TV spot where you could learn to paint with monthly fascicles. In school, I had to choose an activity I liked, so I picked artistic activities and started painting miniatures. Gamers have always surrounded me, but I don’t play tabletop games; I have no time for them.

The first miniature I painted, I believe it was… I don’t remember! 

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MAKING A LIFE WITH YOUR PASSION : You’re so good at painting that you can live thanks to your passion. How did it happen?

In the company I was working at, I started to grow thanks to my painting method. I became a well-known artist because I created and developed the painting style of the company. It was a long way to success, full of mistakes, and learning from them until I reached the results that I was looking for.

My experience and persistence were vital to becoming who I am nowadays. When I decided it was time to become a freelance artist, everything became a flood of work, commissions… and I received so much affection, kindness, recognition, from all companies and people, that I felt overwhelmed with all that love a few times. I thank every day for this love they gave me. But I also know this is a well-deserved recognition after backbreaking work for years and years.

A question about TIMING : Do you paint all day long? How fast are you?

Sometimes I can paint all day long and every day of the week, especially if I have commissions that need to be finished by a specific deadline. If you have to finish, just do your work. But we must not forget that we should dedicate time to family, friends, and ourselves. 

How fast am I? It depends on the miniature, size, and shape and parts of the figure; but more or less, it takes me about 10-12 hours/28mm. I can do it faster and slower if I want to add more details or especially love the figure. I once had a model (2 feet in height and 2 weeks or full work). In a day, 1; in a week, about 4-5 and a month, 20-25 figures. 

How can I keep a high level? Too much experience on my shoulders and too much work until I finish, there are no secrets ☺

PLEASURE vs WORK : A tough question now about pleasure: you made a life of your passion, so, is it possible to keep painting as a hobby?

I love painting, but I usually spend my free time doing other things; I need to paint some figures to thank some people for their help these months, but I do that little by little, my work time is 100% for my customers. I also love watching series, visiting restaurants, play a game with PS4, or spending time with Melon and my girlfriend.

I can get tired; I’m not a superhero, but I can give my best as always after a great and restful night of sleep. It is so important to sleep and eat well, also train your body and take care of your psychological health.

IMPROVING : How did you get to such a high level in miniatures painting?

I think the secret is practice, sacrifice and patience. I learned from the beginning and also I was wrong many times but you must work and learn and never give up. It is OK if you are not good always, but is not OK if you want to grow up without giving your best or taking advantage of others. 

What do you do to improve your painting?

I sometimes look at other painters’ artistic creations and how they improve, how they paint, and how they achieve great things or fail. You can learn from others, that is called observational learning. But, let’s be honest, the most crucial attitude is, KEEP PRACTISING and get closer and see all you are doing. I’ve not always had internet to learn from others paintworks, so you HAVE TO practice, you must be humble and you must be patient and, I am all that (and I regularly work not to forget all that).

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Is there a specific technic that you’re actually working on?

Although I use the airbrush very well and precisely, I want to start from the beginning and try new techniques and painting methods. 

Is there one technic you want to enhance?

Textures, I want to achieve them when painting. This is a world; you can find unlimited textures in life and miniatures.

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Is there one specific effect you feel you could be better at?

Now I can’t say one specific effect BUT I must learn and improve all that I know.


I love the videos where I enjoy the recording process, but I prefer my TOP videos, this is, airbrush videos and also those where I can have fun with a costume, a character, etc 😛  

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Do you have future projects?

I have future projects but they are TOP SECRET 😛 I want to continue with another book, and also my YouTube channel. I think I can help even more people and that is something that fulfills me as a person. Being able to influence their learning and seeing their improvement over time and knowing that yes, it works!!!!!! That what I feel is called satisfaction and pride!!! ☺ 

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