Interview with Firebrush Studio

Welcome to an exclusive interview feature at RedGrassGames, where our core belief is that miniature painting is an art form accessible to everyone! 

Our mission is to foster a community that embraces both professional artists and enthusiastic hobbyists in this vibrant and detailed craft. Today, we are thrilled to present a conversation with a remarkable talent in the world of miniature painting – Firebrush Studio. Join us as we delve into their artistic journey, exploring the intricacies and inspirations behind their stunning creations.

Firebrush Studio

Hi Firebrush Studio! Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Carlos Tobes I am 36 years old, I am a graphic designer and illustrator, but I work professionally in audiovisual production and motion graphics and in my spare time I paint miniatures.

When did you start painting miniatures?

I started at approximately 12 years old and for 6 years I continued painting until I was 18 years old, there I totally left it for 17 years until I was 35 years old, and I started again.

Firebrush Studio

When did you start painting miniatures?

I started playing and painting miniatures between the fourth and fifth edition of warhammer around 1995/1996 with four friends, as you can imagine, the quality of the painting was really bad. After about 6 years collecting, playing and painting, at 18 we gave up the hobby and I have returned to it after 17 years without picking up a brush, I have returned to painting a little more than a year ago.

Where do you get your inspiration?

I find inspiration by looking for references that do not have to be miniatures, they can be movies illustrations … of my own imagination and of other painters.

Firebrush Studio

Which miniature are you the most proud of?

All the miniatures that have been part of this year and a few months of repainting are part of a learning process and each one is important in its own way. I don’t have one that I’m particularly proud of, but I can highlight “AILEEN” from Nocturnal (see below).

Firebrush Studio

Have you ever participated in a miniature painting competition or won an award?

I have only been painting for a year, and I have not had time to present myself to competitions, my city is small and there are no local competitions, so it forces me to travel if I want to participate in any, at the moment it is not my priority, at this moment I am only interested in enjoying each miniature.

Firebrush Studio

Check out Firebrush Studio online: 

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