Redgrass R9 Desk Lamp

Redgrass R9 Desk Lamp

For miniature painting and scale modeling

Light is essential to your hobby

The R9 Desk Lamp is the best-in-class LED light designed to meet the needs of miniature painters and scale modelers alike. 

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The unrivaled desk lamp that meet all your needs

The R9 Desk Lamp features two independently rotating bars with custom-built LEDs, ideal for tasks like miniature painting. Its dual-bar design allows precise lighting focus without heavy shadows, enhancing visibility for creative hobbies.
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The Ultimate Color Experience

One Lamp To Light Everything

Beautiful. Functional

Eye safe. Eye care

Artist and pro ready

Artist's Choice

Experience a revolution in color accuracy

Includind Red, yellow and skin tones

A world first

When it comes to painting miniatures, every hue and shade matters. The R9 shines with its Color Perfect technology, boasting an extended CRI of 98.5+ that brings colors to life just as they would appear in natural daylight. 

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Ultimate Hobby Lamp for Miniature

The R9 Desk Lamp offers the best color experience ever created. This lamp doesn’t just light up your workspace; it reveals the true colors of your creations and makes it easier to get that perfect Blood Angels or orc skin paint scheme!

Redefine your understanding of color rendering.

Traditional CRI measures are limited, evaluating only 8 of 15 colors and often missing crucial hues like red, yellow, and skin tones.

The Redgrass R9, however, excels with its Advanced LEDs, achieving a remarkable 97+ score on the Rg test, ensuring every color is vividly represented.

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They are loving it!

The most versatile lamp for miniature painting

The Redgrass R9 Desk Lamp allows you to eliminate shadows, focus on specific details of your larger models, and even add backlighting while filming—or illuminate your wet palette and your miniature simultaneously. There’s no need for multiple lamps, because the R9 Desk Lamp can do it all.

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Eye Safe LEDs

No Glare


No Blue Light Hazard

Experience the safest light for hobbyists

You can paint all day

No glare light for miniature painter scale modeling

With its glare-free illumination, you can paint intricate details for hours without straining your eyes.

The R9 Color Perfect technology uses a non-flicker light source so perfect that it’s backed by the IEEE1789 certification. It provides a steady, consistent brightness, eliminating the discomfort and headaches often caused by flickering lights on most LED lamps. Perfect for hours of painting or to capture your work on a camera.

Minimize excessive blue light to reduce eye fatigue and protect your eyes.

Minimize excessive blue light to reduce eye fatigue and protect your eyes.

Shadow killer

Our innovative design allows for a true shadowless painting experience. Thanks to its two independently rotating light bars and custom-made optical lenses, you can focus light on detailed parts while eliminating shadows.

R9 Desk lamp versatility rotation bars

Free your desktop

You just need one lamp. The lighting produces a powerful 1800 lumens of light, which is concentrated by precision lenses to achieve an impressive illuminance of 3700 lux at a distance of 45 cm or 18 inches. This results in a bright and highly focused beam that is perfect for a wide range of applications, from working on a massive scale model or painting a tiny miniature to photography and many other professional uses.
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Award-winning lamp praised by pros

After a massive Kickstarter success the Redgrass R9 Desk Lamp has won praise from renowned artists like Roman Lappat, David Arroba, Angel Giraldez, Duncan Rhodes, Ninjon, and many more.

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