Everlasting Wet Palette v2

Everlasting Wet Palette v2


The best wet palette for miniature painting got better.

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The best wet palette for miniature painting: World’s first reusable membrane. Incredible moisturization capacity. New accessories. Tightest sealing case. New sizes with up to 20% more painting space.

Why the Redgrass wet palette are the best
everlasting wet palette v2 best palette for miniature painting hobby tools

Painting. Evolved.

The next evolution in miniature painting is here. With the Everlasting Wet Palette v1 series, Redgrassgames led a revolution in how miniature painting was achieved. Now, the best got better. Everything you loved has been significantly improved for the v2 series, as well as adding unprecedented amazing features.

Pro Painters Love It.

Don’t take our word for it; the Everlasting Wet Palette series is the most beloved and most recommended wet palette by pro painters and Youtubers.

Fully Loaded. Modular.

The v2 series is the complete wet palette, a gold standard in design and functionality. Reusable hydration membrane, Sliding lock system for accessories, State of the art airtight case. It comes with world-beating features as standard, and even more ways to customize your painting experience.

Proudly Made in Europe.

The Everlasting Wet Palette v2 is the first wet palette made in Europe. Closer to our customers and with much-improved quality controls, this is great news for the painting community.

Everlasting Wet Palette: Why Do You Need One?

A wet palette is an essential tool for every painter. It is the surface where you will mix your paint, try different paint consistencies and master all kinds of techniques. Its main purpose is to keep your acrylic paint fresh for hours or even days within a sealable wet palette. The Redgrassgames wet palette is designed with the best materials possible and a proprietary patented hydration system. Everything has been designed to help you focus on enjoying your painting sessions.

Wet Palette Painter v2: The New Normal

The v1 defined the size of wet palettes for miniature painters. The Redgrass Painter v2 redefines that standard, perfecting the size. Offering a 20% larger painting space! Thanks to its construction it still offers an optimal footspace for small spaces and temporary painting stations. It is the perfect combination of size and utility. It is the new normal.

Best Wet Palette for Painting Miniatures redgrass painter v2

Wet Palette Studio XL v2: Serious Space. Serious Painting.

The Studio XL v2 wet palette is the choice of pro painters and enthusiastic hobbyists. For painters with dedicated painting areas, the XL v2 allows you to try more colors, blends, and technical mixes – and with plenty of space to spare! The Studio XL v2 allows you to express your creativity with even more space.

biggest wet palette for miniature painting

Superior Hydration Technology

Designed specifically for miniature painting, the new patented hydration membrane is one-of-a-kind. It is the only reusable palette surface. It will keep your acrylic paints fresher for longer out of the pot.

With the RGG Reusable Membranes hobbyists and painters can keep their paints and mixes for longer than ever before between painting sessions. Paint glides smoothly on the membrane, old paints can be revivified. Blends are easier to achieve, and metallics won’t seep through the surface.

New Membrane: Reusable At Least 4 times

Existing paper sheets are single-use. The Redgrassgames reusable membrane is the far more economical choice, as it is excellent for keeping your paints wet, but afterwards can be cleaned and used multiple times with care. At least 4 times! 

thinning paint for miniature painting redgrassgames everlasting wet palette v2 series reusable membrane

Optional Well Palette and Pot Holder

Our unique sliding lock system for accessories makes it even easier to secure more useful functionality to your wet palette v2. A great way to customise your painting experience every time.


The Wavy is a well palette and a brush holder combined together! Perfect for mixing inks and washes, it also acts as a brush rest whilst you are painting with other brushes!  Thanks to the sliding system, it can be attached safely to your Everlasting Wet Palette v2 in no time.
citadel shade holder


The Anti-Spill Pot Holder is ideal to save your shades and inks from spilling! GW pots can be knocked over easily- no more accidents! No more inks and stains on your desk!

Thanks to the sliding system, it can be attached safely to your Everlasting wet palette V2 in no time.

Everlasting Wet Palette v2

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    Studio XL v2 Wet Palette

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    Painter v2 Wet Palette

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  • wavy well palette and brush holder

    New Wavy v2

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The Ultimate Dry Palette

To extend the life of your oil paints, store the glass palette insert inside the Everlasting Wet Palette cases. When sealed inside, your paint will be kept safe and stable for a long time, ready for your next painting session. The Everlasting Wet Palettes come in 3 versions: Painter lite, Painter V2 and the huge StudioXL V2 perfectly sized to store your glass palette insert.

Oil painting for miniature painters

Everlasting Wet Palette v2: Setup & Care Instructions

Setup your Everlasting wet palette in seconds and follow our care instructions for a reusable membrane always ready for your next painting session. 

best wet palette for miniature painting RGG


The Everlasting Wet Palette v2 was created in 2021. At the time, it was the most successful Kickstarter campaign for miniature painting (and it probably still is). 13954 backers helped us make this v2 project a reality. As a result, RGG wet palettes are the most popular palettes for miniature painting.

Buy Everlasting Wet Palette v2

Model. Which is best for you?

30.5 cm x 20.5cm (12″ x 8″)
24cm x 16.5 cm (9.5″ x 6.5″)

What's in the box? Everything to get started!

Everlasting V2 case - white background
v2 Wet Palette Case
Reusable Membranes Square
15x Reusable Membranes
Foam pad for Everlasting v2
2x Long Lasting Hydration Foams

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wet Palette

  • What is a wet palette

    What is a wet palette ? A wet palette is an essential tool for every painter. It is the surface where you will mix your acrylic paint. But also try different paint consistencies and master all kinds of advanced painting techniques. Its main purpose is to keep your acrylic paint fresh for hours or even days between painting sessions. 

  • How does a wet palette work?

    A wet palette typically consists of a plastic case, a layer of absorbent material or wet sponge and a paper with a porous surface on top. The palette will deliver the right amount of moisture keeping your paint workable for hours.

  • What types of paints work with a wet palette?

    Wet Palettes typically keep your water-based paints fresh and workable.

    Acrylic paint dries quickly because it is water-based, allowing the water to evaporate and the paint to harden. It also contains an acrylic polymer emulsion, which dries and hardens when exposed to air. This quick drying time is popular among artists as it allows for rapid work and layering without waiting for previous layers to dry. However, this can be problematic when mixing paint on a dry surface. Wet palettes have been created to address this issue and help prevent paint waste.

    Gouache paint is a water-based medium similar to watercolor but thicker and more opaque. It is made by mixing pigment with a binding agent, like gum arabic, and water, making it applicable to various surfaces. Gouache can be thinned with water, dries quickly, and is water-soluble, making cleanup easy. This offers a significant advantage over other mediums. Using a wet palette helps stabilize paint consistency, preventing it from drying out or becoming too wet, making it highly recommended for gouache paint.

  • Which paint brands are recommended for the Everlasting Wet Palette?

    Redgrass Everlasting wet palettes V2 and Lite are developed specifically for hobby acrylic paints and are 100% compatible with major brands like Citadel, Vallejo, Warhammer, and The Army Painter range. The Redgrass Everlasting Studio XL ART palettes are designed for heavy body acrylics and gouache, compatible with all major brands. For oil paints, we recommend using our glass palettes, which offer a smooth, durable surface to help store oil paints effectively.

  • 5 Advantages of using a wet palette?

    1. A wet palette allows you to keep your paints moist and workable for a longer period, which is especially useful when working on large projects or with paints that dry out quickly, such as acrylic or gouache. It also maintains the right paint consistency.

    2. A wet palette is a great surface for mixing paint. It is easier to mix colors on a wet palette, as the paint is more fluid and blends together more easily.

    2. A wet palette helps to keep colors vibrant and true to their original hue, as the moisture in the palette prevents the paint from drying out and becoming dull.

    4. Don't waste your paint anymore and save money! A wet palette is perfect for preserving your expensive paints at the right consistency. Your paints will no longer dry out before you can even use them, which is impossible on a plastic palette.

    5. A wet palette is a convenient way to store and transport paints, as it keeps the paints from drying out and allows you to easily take your paints with you or resume your work later.

  • What are Redgrass advanced hydration papers?

    Redgrass developed a special permeable palette paper perfectly suited for working with hobby and miniature acrylic paints. Compared to regular parchment paper, it offers improved resistance, optimized moisturization, and enhanced reliability. Redgrass also developed a proprietary technology for reusable membranes that offers even better performance.

  • What are reusable membranes – Redgrass patented technology

    Our patented reusable membranes are the cornerstone of our hydration system. They are used to provide the exact amount of hydration to your hobby acrylic paints, over a long time period. You can easily clean them after use and use them multiple times with care. This is the best hydration system you can work with.

  • Do you ship worldwide?

    Yes. We ship worldwide with trackings so that you can monitor your package along the way.

  • Can I return a Wet Palette?

    Yes. If you decide that your purchase is not right for you, you are welcome to return it us for a full refund within 15 days of delivery. The product must be unused and in the original packaging unopened/undamaged. Returns are subject to our terms and conditions.

    Learn more about returns, refunds and exchanges here  

Everlasting Wet Palette v2 - Tech Specs

Painter v2

Studio XL v2


Painter v2
best wet palette miniature painting

Fire Red

Studio XL v2
redgrass wet palette studio XL 2

Ice Blue

Size and Weight

Painter v2

Weight: 307 grams (0.68 lbs)

Studio XL v2
Everlasting Studio XL v2 Dim. 60

Weight: 496 grams (1.09 lbs)


Foam Fluid Load Capacity

Painter v2

107 mL

3.6 Oz

Studio XL v2

150 ml

5.1 Oz

Hydration System

Both Models

Patented Technology High Performance Reusable Membrane – Single Side

High Retention Resistant Foam


Air Tightness

Both Models

Superior Water and Airtightness Thanks To Advanced TPE Seal


Case Materials

Both Models

High Performance Polycarbonate

Multi Shot Full TPE Seal Overmolding

Accessories Compatible

Both Models

Slide In Accessories: New Wavy v2 and Anti-Spill Pot Holder

Glass palettes

In The Box

Both Models

Everlasting v2 Polycarbonate Case with Advance TPE Seal

15x Reusable Membranes

2x Thick Hydration Foams