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What is a wet palette ?

What is a wet palette ? A wet palette is an essential tool for every painter. It is the surface where you will mix your acrylic paint. But also try different paint consistencies and master all kinds of advanced painting techniques. Its main purpose is to keep your acrylic paint fresh for hours or even days between sessions. 

The best wet palettes are available at Redgrass.They are designed with the highest quality materials and a proprietary patented hydration system. Everything has been created to help you focus on your painting sessions.

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What is a wet palette : Principle

A wet palette typically consists of a plastic case, a layer of absorbent material like a wet sponge, and a sheet of porous paper, usually parchment paper, on top. The palette delivers the right amount of moisture, keeping your paint workable for hours.
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What kind of paint can I use?

Wet palettes are often used by artists who work with water-based paints, such as acrylic paints, hobby acrylic paints or gouache paints because these types of paints can dry out quickly when left uncovered.


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Acrylic paints:

Acrylic paint dries quickly because it is water-based and the water evaporates, leaving the paint to harden. 

Acrylic paint also contains acrylic polymer emulsion, which dries and hardens when exposed to air. The paint’s quick drying time is one of the reasons it is popular among artists. It allows them to work quickly and layer their paintings without having to wait for previous layers to dry. Additionally, acrylic paint can be thinned with water, which speeds up the drying process. 

Unfortunately, the drying time is also a serious issue when mixing the paint on a dry surface such as a dry palette or a plastic palette. Hopefully, wet palettes have been created to help prevent this and avoid wasting paint. 

Gouache paints:

Gouache paint is a water-based paint that is similar to watercolor paint, but it is thicker and more opaque. Gouache is made by mixing a pigment with a binding agent, such as gum arabic, and then adding water to create a paint that can be applied to a variety of surfaces.

The paint can be thinned with water. Gouache paint dries quickly and is water-soluble, so it can be easily cleaned up with water. A great advantage over other kind of medium.

Using a wet palette can help stabilize the paint consistency. On a well-made wet palette the paint will neither dry or get too wet. So using a wet palette for gouache paint is also recommended. 

Can I use oil paints with a wet palette?

Wet palettes can also be used with oil paints, although they may require a different type of absorbent material in order to maintain the correct level of humidity. We recommend using a dry palette such as a dry palette or glass palette instead.

5 Advantages of using a wet palette?

Overall, a wet palette can be a useful tool for artists who want to keep their paints fresh and workable for a longer period of time and who want to maintain the vibrancy of their colors.

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A wet palette is a palette used for mixing and storing paint that is used in painting or drawing. It is designed to keep the paint moist and workable for a longer period of time by maintaining a consistent level of humidity.

This perfected wet palette will keep your paint stable and wet for hours, and keep it completely sealed once closed. Never before has painting with hobby paints be so precise and enjoyable. What’s more, the membranes are reusable.

We recommend using the following wet palettes

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What types of paper can I use for a wet palette?

For a wet palette, it really helps to use paper that’s made just for that. This kind of paper is awesome because it keeps its shape when wet and soaks up just enough water. That way, your paints stay just right – not too thick, not too runny, just perfect for painting.

At Redgrass, we offer two varieties of wet palette paper: Hydration Sheets and Reusable Membranes. Each type has its unique benefits, and the choice between them often boils down to what suits your painting style and preferences best.

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Is there a cheap substitute for wet palette paper like parchment paper or wax paper?

Yes, you can definitely use everyday items like parchment or baking paper as a stand-in paper, especially if you’re putting together your own DIY wet palette at home. These alternatives work okay for starters, but they don’t quite match up to the real deal meant for wet palettes.

If you haven’t got a wet palette yet, making one yourself is a cool way to test the waters and see how it changes your painting game! It’s an affordable hack for beginners. But keep in mind, using these substitutes long-term might not be the best idea. You might face issues like uneven paint moisture, paints that don’t mix well, paper tears, and the hassle of cutting the paper to fit your palette.

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Is wet palette paper suitable for all types of paint, such as acrylics, oils and watercolors?

Wet palette paper is ideally suited for acrylic paints Metallic paints work too, but be mindful that the metallic particles might mix into the water of your palette and affect other colors.

For metallic paints and special mixtures, consider using the Wavy V2 accessory that attaches to a V2 wet palette. Alternatively, the Redgrass Glass Palette offers an easy-to-clean surface and is particularly suitable for oil paints, which are gaining popularity in miniature painting.

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How does wet palette paper help in blending colors?

Wet palette paper is a real game-changer when it comes to working with acrylic paints, which are known to dry out pretty fast. Ever been in the middle of painting and your perfectly mixed shade of purple dries up on you? Frustrating, right? Especially with techniques like wet blending or glazing where you need your paint to stay workable a bit longer.

This is where wet palette paper shines. It’s designed to keep your acrylics moist and workable, slowing down the drying process so you’ve got more time to nail that perfect hue or shade. Plus, the smooth surface of the paper is great for testing your paint’s consistency. And if the paper is a neutral color like white, it’s even easier to see the true colors of your paints. It’s a must-have for artists who want to keep their options open and their paints ready to go.

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Is wet palette paper reusable?

The question of whether wet palette paper is reusable really depends on the product you’re using. Most companies offer single-use, disposable sheets that you toss after each painting session. But here’s a cool twist: Redgrass has pioneered the first reusable membrane for wet palettes. This innovative solution means you can use the same wet palette paper multiple times, which is not only convenient but also saves you money and is kinder to the environment. It’s a smart choice for artists looking to blend sustainability with their creativity!

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How do I clean my wet palette paper?

Cleaning your wet palette paper is straightforward, but it’s important to note that only reusable sheets are meant to be cleaned. Disposable wet palette papers are just that – disposable, and they can’t be cleaned for reuse. For those using the Redgrass Reusable Membranes, cleaning is a breeze. Simply rinse the sheet under a tap or soak it in a bowl of water. Most wet and dried paints will wash off easily. For any stubborn bits, a gentle rub with your finger or a soft brush should do the trick. You might notice some color staining, but don’t worry – it won’t affect the paper’s performance at all. This way, your reusable wet palette paper stays fresh and ready for your next creative session.

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How do I prevent mold growth on wet palette paper, especially in humid conditions?

Keeping mold at bay in your wet palette, especially in those sticky, humid conditions, is all about maintenance. The tricky part is usually the foam pad underneath since it’s what holds the moisture. The best strategy? Make sure to switch out the water regularly and give your palette a good clean now and then with some warm, soapy water. This simple routine can help keep mold from crashing your painting party and ensure your wet palette stays fresh and ready for action.

How should wet palette paper be stored when not in use to ensure its longevity?

You don’t need any fancy storage solutions – just tuck it away in a dry spot. A clean drawer or cupboard in your studio or workspace will do the trick perfectly. Keeping it dry and away from moisture when you’re not painting ensures it stays in top shape for your next creative session.

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How do I properly prepare my wet palette paper before use?

Getting your wet palette paper ready for action is pretty straightforward. First, make sure your sponge or foam pad is nicely hydrated – you can check out our step-by-step guide for advice on that.

Once your base is all set, just place your hydration sheet or reusable membrane right on top. If you spot any wrinkles, smooth them out gently with your finger or use the handle of a paintbrush to roll them flat. And that’s it – your palette is prepped and you’re all set to dive into your painting!

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Is Redgrass wet palette paper the best option?

We might be a bit biased, but we truly think our Redgrass Wet Palette paper is top-notch! We’ve poured our hearts, souls, and the latest tech into designing it specifically to match our Redgrass wet palettes. As painters crafting for painters, we get what’s needed to make our shared hobby even more enjoyable. Our goal? To share this love and innovation with the entire miniature painting community.

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