Everlasting Wet Palette


Keep your water-based paints fresher

for longer at the consistency you choose.

Not too wet nor too dry, just right.

Heavy body acrylics & gouache paints

Keep Paint Fresh

Ready To Use

No More Waste

Best wet palette from redgrass
wet palette keep your paint wet and stable

Keep your paint wet, in a stable condition.

The Everlasting Wet Palette Studio XL Art is a revolutionary painting tool designed to keep your heavy-body acrylic and gouache paints fresher for longer at the consistency you choose. 

There’s no dried-out or diluted paint, so you can focus purely on your art!

wet palette studio XL artist art painter hobbytools
portrait painted with a wet palette in front

Advanced Hydration Technology

The Everlasting Wet Palette Studio XL Art boasts a state-of-the-art, patented hydration system, specially developed to keep your water-based mediums stable and easily workable for extended periods. Your colors remain vibrant and ready for your next brush stroke.

wet palette paint consistency
wet palette paint consistency

How it keeps your paint wet?

wet palette how does it work? How to Keep Your Acrylic paints wet
how work a wet palette?

The best place to mix your paint.

Suitable for both acrylics and gouache.

best wet palette for canvas artist and painter how to keep acrylics fresh
everlasting wet palette studio XL artist canvas acrylic
Redgrass wet palette studio XL art

Mix. Paint. Take a break. Paint.

wet palette studio XL art

The included hydration membranes provide an ideal surface for mixing your paint, ensuring that your paints remain readily accessible.

Finished painting? Close and secure the palette. Thanks to its airtight seal, your paint will stay fresh for hours or even days!

New to wet palette?

A wet palette is crucial for painters, providing a mixing surface for experimenting with paint consistencies and techniques.

Its main purpose is to keep your water-based paint fresh for hours or even days within a sealable wet palette.

The Studio XL Art wet palette features top-quality materials and a unique, patented hydration system, designed to enhance your painting experience.

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Art anywhere. For everyone.

Studio + On-the-go

The Studio XL ART, with its compact and durable case, is a reliable companion for artists, whether working at home or in a studio. Its perfect size accommodates canvas painters and gouache users alike.

Plus, it’s ideal for outdoor painting sessions—simply take it with you!

wet palette studio XL art

Ready to paint in

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Using a Redgrass wet palette is hassle-free so you can concentrate on your art. 

Set up the palette in under 30 seconds and enjoy hours of worry-free painting. 


Keep your oil paint fresh too!

Exchange the foam and membrane for the glass palette insert when you need to paint with oils, pigments, or other ‘drier’ painting techniques. 

When sealed inside the wet palette studio XL ART, your oil paints will be kept safe and stable for a long time, ready for your next painting session.

glass wet palette
glass palette oil paint acrylic redgrass

Coming April 2024

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