Redgrass Glass Palette, the premium dry palette for miniature painting


The only dry palette you will ever need.

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Specially formulated for oil paints, pigments, heavy body acrylics, and drybrushing. The RGG Glass Palette is the only reusable dry palette you will ever need.

Clean it. Reuse it.

The Redgrass Games Glass Palette surface is easy to clean. Dried acrylic paint easily peels away, and dried oil paint can be clean with solvents. The palette can be reused repeatedly, which is an advantage over plastic "one-use" dry palettes.

Compatible with Everlasting wet palette

Easily modify your work tools to best suit the current task. Exchange the foam and membrane for the glass palette insert when you need to paint with oils, pigments, or other ‘drier’ painting techniques. When sealed inside, your paints will be kept safe and stable for a long time, ready for your next painting session.

Versatile Uses

Initially designed for use with oil paints, the Glass Palette is also ideal as a dry palette for use with pigments, heavy body acrylics, drybrushing techniques. It can also be used with gouache and all paint media if you want to paint on a canvas.

Master Oil Paint Techniques

Heavily thinned, oil paints offer a realistic range of weathering effects. They also make effective washes and filters for fleshtones and large vehicle panels. Unthinned, they can give miniature painters a mastery of subtle but effective blending techniques like NMM or OSL in no time.

Premium Lasting Quality
  • Made of  3mm (1/8″) tempered glass
  • Soft bevelled edges
  • Non-slip rubber feet
Stay in Control
  • Neutral Grey for the best color rendering
  • Superior Blending Surface
  • Redgrass Glass Palette packaging is reinforced with a foam insert to keep the palette safe and secure
Available Size
  • Painter Lite: 189 x 139mm (7.4″ x 5.5″)
  • Painter 2: 225 x 150mm (8.8″ x 5.9″)
  • Studio XL 2: 289 x 189mm (11.4″ x 7.4″)
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Oil paints offer new possibilities to miniature painters used to acrylic paints. With centuries of refinement and tradition behind them, oil paints can unleash new life into your model hobbying. They can help novice painters and experienced pros alike gain a new appreciation for otherwise difficult painting techniques by making blending a breeze. Oil paints generally offer very rich pigmentation, and drying times in the hours and days.  Compared to the drying time of traditional miniature painting acrylics, this gives painters more time to explore, be adventurous, and correct mistakes. Used on the Redgrass glass palette, oil paints are a joy to use.


Non-Metalic Metal, blending or OSL doesn’t have to take months or years of painstaking practice to be mastered. Oil paint can be very effective to achieve amazing results in no time.

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    RGG Glass Palette – Painter Lite

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    RGG Glass Palette – Painter v2

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    RGG Glass Palette – Studio XL

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To extend the life of your oil paints, store the glass palette insert inside the Everlasting Wet Palette cases. When sealed inside, your paint will be kept safe and stable for a long time, ready for your next painting session. The Everlasting Wet Palettes come in 3 versions: Painter lite, Painter V2 and the huge StudioXL V2 perfectly sized to store your glass palette insert.

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The Redgrass Glass Palette is cleanable and reusable. Follow our care instructions for a Glass Palette always ready for your next painting session.