Redgrass R9 Desk Lamp

R9 Desk Lamp for dental laboratory

Precision Lighting for Dental technicians

Enhance Your Dental Artistry.

Designed to reveal the finest details and achieve precise color matches, the R9 Desk Lamp for dental laboratory redefines the standards for LED lighting.

Now, you can craft dental prosthetics with unmatched precision and confidence.

Lamp for dental laboratory technician

R9 Desk Lamp – Award-winning luminaire for laboratories and dental technicians

Desk lamp IF design award 2024
Redgrass R9 LED light Lamp for professional lamp for dental art technician
lamp for dental laboratory
LED light Lamp for professional R9 lamp specifications pro mobile
Best Lamp for dental laboratory

For dental clinic and lab

The Ultimate Color Experience

Eye safe. Eye care

Made to last. Functional

One Lamp To Light Everything

Redefining Color Accuracy with R9 Color Perfect™

Color Perfect tm technology emulates light that closely mimics the spectrum of natural sunlight.

It incorporates superior eye care technology as well, offering no-flicker functionality and minimal emission of excessive blue light (RG0).

best led for miniature painting, craft and art

Trust your work more than ever

Perfect Color Rendition on All Colors

Including red, yellow, enamel and skin tones

A world first

Lamp for dental laboratory

The R9 Color Perfect technology brings colors to life just as they would appear in natural daylight. 

The light offers the best color experience ever created.

It provides never achieved color accuracy, crucial for complex color matching in dental restorations.

R9 Desk Lamp extended CRI (R1-R15)
R9 Desk Lamp TM30-20

Traditional CRI measures are limited as they evaluate only 8 colors, missing crucial hues like red, yellow, enamel, or skin tones.

However, the Redgrass R9 excels with its Advanced LEDs. It achieves a remarkable score of 98+ on the TM30-20 test, with 99 colors rated, ensuring every color is vividly represented.

Best CRI color rendition LED dental art dental prosthetics
Best CRI color rendition daylight LED dental art dental prosthetics
lamp for artists, creatives, miniature painters

Two LED bars. Power to light everything

Featuring two unique, independently rotating light bars and 60° optical lenses, this lamp allows you to eliminate shadows, focus light for detailed dental restoration work, or add ambient lighting to your workspace—all with a single lamp.

Redgrass R9 LED light Lamp for professional

This lighting system consists of two light bars, each containing 48 high-quality LEDs, for a total of 96 LEDs.

The lighting produces a powerful 1800 lumens of light, which is concentrated by precision lenses to achieve an impressive illuminance of 3700 lux at a distance of 45 cm or 18 inches.

This results in a bright and highly focused beam that is perfect for laboratory or dental restorations work.

Our custom-made lenses focus light into a 60° cone, enabling precise light shaping. They don’t shift the color temperature or reduce the power output. Instead, they enhance the LUX where it’s most needed and reduce glare for the user.

R9 Desk lamp versatility rotation bars

With exceptional lighting power comes responsibility.

Experience the safest light for dental technicians

Experience the safest light for dental technicians

Eye Safe LEDs

No Glare


No Blue Light Hazard

Work for long hours without the discomfort and headaches caused by most LED lamps.

Ideal for working on ceramic teeth without eye strain.

lamp for dental art technician
Lamp for dental laboratory

Built to last

All-metal, life-proof joints

Built to last

All-metal, life-proof joints

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Redgrass games high CRi desk lamp certification


We are honoured to receive this recognition from the Red Dot jury, which praised the R9 Desk Lamp as a “tailor-made and in every detail well-thought-out solution to a very specific problem”. This award is a testament to our commitment to design and innovation, and we look forward to continuing to create products that enhance the creativity and productivity of creatives.​