Painting Mat for Miniature Painting


Premium painting mat for miniature painting loaded with extra features



Protect your desk with the Redgrassgames cutting and painting mat for miniature painting. This custom-made painting mat comes in a neutral gray to help you focus on your painting session. Available in A3 format, it includes just the right amount of useful guides. Round and square checkers, dilution ratios for beginners, an inch/cm ruler, and the Redgrass color wheel! It is also your ideal cutting mat for all your hobbies. Self-healing but also double-sided, it will serve you a long time. 

painting mat for miniature painting

Color Wheel Included

Primary, Secondary, Tertiary. Made with beginners in mind, with the optional Redgrass color wheel, colors will hold no secrets from you. It is a great instrument for teachers and advanced painters alike.

Self Healing

Not magic but tech. The Redgrass painting mat is cut-resistant. It will resist hobby knives, cutters, or scalpels for a long time.

Optimized For Miniature Painting

Focus on your painting thanks to its large neutral gray area. Printed with only essential information such as square and round base checker, a beginner's dilution ratio guide and an inch/cm ruler.


This anti-slip, neutral gray painting mat is printed on both sides. Double the service life of your painting and cutting mat.

painting mat for miniature painting


It is an amazing cutting and painting mat. It's almost too nice to use! I really like it!

base checker
miniature painting color wheel

The square and round base checkers help you measure the bases of your gaming and painting models. This can inform you when you need to buy new bases or competition plinths. The color wheel comes with hues labeled Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary and it shows you contrasting and complementary colors. 

Size available:

A3: 297mm x 420mm / 11.7 x 16.5 inch

A2: 590mm x 420mm / 23.2 x 16.5 inch

Thickness: 1.6mm

Type: Anti-slip, self-healing, double-sided.

Color: Neutral gray

hobby cutting mat