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Everlasting Wet Palette Painter Lite is the most popular economy hobby wet palette for miniature painters worldwide.

Everlasting Wet Palette Painter Lite

What Is A Wet Palette?

A wet palette is an essential tool for every painter. It is the surface where you will mix your acrylic paint. But also try different paint consistencies and master all kinds of advanced painting techniques. Its main purpose is to keep your acrylic paint fresh for hours or even days between sessions. The Redgrass Games wet palettes are designed with the best materials possible and a proprietary patented hydration system. So everything has been designed to help you focus on your painting sessions.

everlasting wet palette Painter Lite

Save paint & time.

Acrylic paints dry quickly when out of the bottle. Using a painter lite wet palette will greatly increase the painting time you get when painting.

Master advanced techniques.

Thanks to our stabilizing hydration system and our unique hydration papers, you will be able to tackle advanced painting techniques. But like a pro! Glazing and blending, are a joy to do on our wet palette.

Pick up where you left off.

You can take a break with no penalty! When sealed up, the palette can keep acrylics fresh for hours, days and even weeks. Far more than any traditional palette cases can.

Easy to use.

Setup couldn’t be simpler. It works straight out of the box! Everything was designed for you to enjoy your miniature painting experience.

Why Do You Need One?

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Everlasting Wet Palette Painter Lite

The RGG Everlasting Wet Palette Painter Lite is a fantastic entry-level palette for miniature painters. For our most affordable price, you can have access to all the optimized features developed by Redgrass Games. It can really help ‘UP’ your painting skills. There has never been a better time to adopt wet palette painting!

Painter lite

Everlasting Wet Palette: Unique Hydration System

The hydration system has been designed to keep your acrylic paint wet for long. The unique, foam is mould-resistant with the best water capacity available. The advanced hydration papers, are tear-resistant and will not pulp. The palette will deliver the right amount of moisture keeping your paint workable for hours.

RGG Wet Palette Painter Lite: Loved By Pros

The RGG Wet Palette Series is beloved the world over by acclaimed award-winners and YouTube miniature painters. Many praise its quality, reliability, and design. Angel Giraldez, Squidmar, Sorastro’s Painting, Andy Wardle, and Richard Gray. And many more!

Everlasting Wet Palette Painter Lite highlights for painting infinity miniatures dragon lady infinity by corvus belli

Everlasting Wet Palette Painter Lite

  • everlasting wet palette Painter Lite

    Everlasting Wet Palette – Painter Lite for miniature painting

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Perfect design and colours for Everlasting Wet Palette


Everlasting Wet Palette was created in 2017. It was one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns for miniature painting. 

7747 backers helped us make this project a reality. As a result, RGG wet palettes are the most recommended palettes for miniature painting.

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