Redgrass R9 Desk Lamp

Redgrass R9 Desk Lamp

Versatile lamp for art and craft

Light up your creativity

The R9 Desk Lamp is the best-in-class LED light designed to meet the needs of artists and crafters alike. 

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Desk lamp IF design award 2024
redgrasscreative artist essentials tools light LED lamp Top Artist-Reviewed Desk Lamp for Art and Craft: The Best Choice - Part One​

Light is essential to your art

Revealing tiny details and accurately matching colors, the R9 Desk Lamp sets the standard for how LED lights should be. Now you can bring your artistic vision to life with greater precision and confidence.

Best Lamp for Craft

The Ultimate Color Experience

One Lamp To Light Everything

Made to last. Functional

Eye safe. Eye care

Artist and pro ready

Artist's Choice

True Colors.

Millions of colors. And beyond.

Including red, yellow and skin tones

A world first

The R9 Color Perfect technology brings colors to life just as they would appear in natural daylight. 

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Ultimate Hobby Lamp for Miniature

The R9 Desk Lamp offers the best color experience ever created. This lamp doesn’t just light up your workspace.

It reveals the true colors of your creations.

Top Artist Reviewed Desk Lamp for Art and Craft

Redefining Color Accuracy with R9 Color Perfect™

Traditional CRI measures are limited, evaluating only 8 of 15 colors and often missing crucial hues like red, yellow, and skin tones.

The Redgrass R9, however, excels with its Advanced LEDs, achieving a remarkable 97+ score on the Rg test (15 colors analyzed and rated), ensuring every color is vividly represented.

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LED high cri comparaison R9
lamp for artists, creatives, miniature painters

They are loving it!

Two LED bars. Light it all.

Two unique independently rotating light bars and 60° optical lenses allow you to erase shadows, focus on detailed parts of your project, or add ambient lighting to your workspace—all with one lamp.

desk lamp for arts and crafts

Our custom-made lenses focus light into a 60° cone, enabling precise light shaping. They don’t shift the color temperature or reduce the power output. Instead, they enhance the LUX where it’s most needed and reduce glare for the user.

R9 Desk lamp versatility rotation bars

With exceptional lighting power comes responsibility.

Eye Safe LEDs

No Glare


No Blue Light Hazard

Experience the safest light for creatives

lamp for art and craft
lamp for art and craft

Color Perfect tm technology emulates light that closely mimics the spectrum of natural sunlight.

It incorporates superior eye care technology as well, offering no-flicker functionality and minimal emission of excessive blue light (RG0).

best led for miniature painting, craft and art

Award-winning LED light already adopted by the greatest artists

Desk lamp IF design award 2024
Jock creator of Batman: One Dark Knight. Concept artist for Star-Wars
Jock creator of Batman: One Dark Knight. Concept artist for Star-Wars

The lamp that creatives have been waiting for!

The R9 Desk Lamp is the purpose-designed lighting solution for creatives seeking a versatile, robust, and high-tech option.

Created by creatives frustrated with existing options, the R9 Desk Lamp combines unique features that set a new standard for light quality.

lamp for art and craft
lamp for art and craft

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Redgrass games high CRi desk lamp certification