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Redgrass R9 Desk Lamp



  • Red Dot Design Award 2023: Best of the Best
  • Powered by Redgrass R9 Color Perfect TM
  • 96 Dimmable custom-made LEDs
  • Pure-White daylight 5000K
  • Max output: 1800 lumens – 3700 lux at 45cm
  • Extended CRI R1-R15: 98.5+
  • Shadowless – No glare technology
  • Flicker free – EMC safe


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Made for you
For your work or your favorite hobbies, such as art, graphics, miniature painting, drawing, 3D printing, scale modeling, or home working; light matters. The Redgrass R9 desk lamp is a state-of-the-art LED lamp designed to meet the needs of all creative people, whether you are pursuing your passions or engaged in professional work. See true colors using Redgrass R9 Color Perfect Experience color like never before with The Redgrass R9 color perfect technology. From the high-end LED chips to the custom made optical lenses, everything has been carefully designed to offer the best color experience ever created. A world first.

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