Interview with The Nerd Cave

Interview With Nerd Cave

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Based in Denmark, Kenn Mejor is the skilled hand behind ‘The Nerd Cave’. As a professional miniature painter, he’s known not only for his commissioned works but also for his insightful workshops. Dedicated to both his craft and teaching others, Kenn brings a unique blend of expertise and passion to the miniature painting community. Dive in as we explore the journey and techniques of ‘The Nerd Cave’s’ very own, Kenn Mejor.

1. How long have you been miniature painting? How did you start?

I started painting when I was 8 years old, I was playing RPGs and a friend of mine introduced me to miniatures and painting, so that makes it 36 years now.

Up until a couple of years ago I painted to a mediocre tabletop standard, which was fine for me at that time. It was just in 2015 I attended a workshop by Rogland Studio, that ignited a spark in me to work on improving my painting. So, I watched YouTube, read books on theory & techniques, and practiced whenever I could.
I participated in a couple of competitions in 2017, 2018 and then in 2019 I won first place in Mantics Brush with Death, in 2020 I got in touch with Mantic Games and started painting for them, which I have done ever since, in 2022 I quit my job and started painting full time. 

I believe that I differentiate myself from the rest, as I batch paint, I paint armies not one model, but many at a time, to a very high standard, using my own unique technique, that I have developed and perfected over the years.

2. Describe your painting style in 5 words.

Methodic, Consistent, Fast & High Standard.

3. Where do you get your inspiration from?

I have been a long-time fan of Angel Giraldez, it all started with his book vol.1 that I picked up in 2015.
It inspired me to improve myself and I tried everything in that book over and over, so Angel is really a big source of my inspiration and I’m a huge fan of his work.
Rogland Studio is also a massive inspiration, his work is just incredible.

the nerd cave miniature painting

4. What is your favorite painting technique?

My favorite technique would be my own technique ‘3+1+1’, that I have been working on a long time, uses every day and now teach in workshops.

The technique uses the same steps with every type of subject you want to paint, to fast and efficient paint batches of models 10-20 at a time.

the nerd cave miniature painting

5. How do you choose color schemes, and which is your favorite?

I like to balance hot and cold colors and use color theory to paint models that catch your eye and looks impressive on the tabletop.

My favorite subject to paint is definitely leather, I love to play with different kinds of leather variants, making scratches and marks, making it look worn and used. There is a lot of freedom in painting leather and the same leather that looks worn and used on a goblin can look slick and clean on an elf.
I really like how it can vary from model to model, without changing any of the colors used.

the nerd cave miniature painting

6. What’s the one key tool you couldn’t do without?

A brush would be everyone’s answer to this 😊, but apart from that, I believe it is my wet palette, because starting to use one really changed the game for me.
A great wet palette is definitely an important key to improve.

the nerd cave miniature painting

7. What is the key tip you would give to a miniature painter who wants to improve?

Firstly, find a method that works for you and practice. Then continue to practice, practice, practice! There is no easy way.

the nerd cave miniature painting redgrass

8. Do you play any board games or wargames with miniatures?

Absolutely! I love boardgames. I play at least once a week in a local club and sometimes I enjoy a solo game as well. Recently I played a game of Witcher: The Old World solo, that was great fun
I used to play wargames a lot, but sold it all when I decided to improve my painting. I didn’t have time for everything, so I made a choice.

the nerd cave dk

9. What is your proudest achievement to date?

The day I quit my job to commit full time to miniature painting, was a day I will never forget. It was the turning point of my life and a huge achievement for me.

10. What is one miniature you have always wanted to paint?

I follow Narin Studio, they make some of the best Alien / Predator models, and I have always wanted to paint the one called ‘Hellbreed’. That is an amazing model with is full of life and it’s also so dynamic.
And I’m also a sucker for all things Alien & Predator!

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