NMM made easy

NMM Made Easy

Hi there! Today’s article is about NMM-style painting. Using non-metallic metals to simulate metal effects can be tricky. But it is also very rewarding, and a painting rite of passage.We asked 3 awesome miniature painters we know how they achieve beautiful NMM! Get the best results by following these guides in our article NMM made easy.

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NMM made easy

NMM is shorthand for 'Non-Metallic Metals'. It means when a painter uses standard paints to create metallic paint effects. Painters often like to try NMM as a way to show mastery of more advanced techniques, like light and volume. It can be difficult to get to grips with, but with guides like these, it is much easier!


When not streaming on Twitch, Andrea – @droidena online- was kind enough to write up this guide to NMM painting for Redgrass’ readers. So read on and learn!


NMM gold

Step 1: We start with Chaos Black primer (Citadel) and we apply Dark Sea Blue (VMC) mixed with Pastel Green (AK) setting the main source and direction of light.

Step 2: Add more Pastel Green (AK) to the previous mix and we also add a secondary soft light in the opposite side using Dark Green Grey (AK), leaving the transition areas in black to create contrast.

Step 3: We start the face on the shield by using a mix of Rhinox Hide and Skrag Brown (Citadel) we keep adding Skrag to the mix until we have a solid base.


gold nmm

Step 4: We repeat the process by using the mix of Skrag Brown (Citadel) and Yellow Ochre (VMC) until we finish lighting with this last one.

Step 5: Start highlighting the general shapes with the mix of Ochre Yellow and Sunny skin tone (VMC) Once this is done we glaze some Yellow Ochre (VMC) on the steel areas next to the gold ones. Also we glaze the gold area with Lamenter’s Yellow (Citadel) to increase saturation.

Step 6: We finish by using Ice Yellow(AK) on dots and edge hightlights, and a mix of Tenebrous Grey(AK) with Red Wine(AK) to the shadows to increase depth and contrast.

For the last steps we could clean transitions overall and paint the runes in the same gold used earlier.


Angel Giraldez is one of the world’s best miniature painters. We here at Redgrassgames have supported Angel for a long time, and we love his tutorial videos. He has the perfect video for painters wanting to try Gold NMM for the first time. Click the video below and start your journey!


NMM made easy

@elminiaturista is well-respected miniature painter who teaches his techniques to his online followers at sites like Patreon. We have worked with Juan for a long time, and now we are fortunate to share one of his painting guides on Redgrassgames. Read on to see how he does it, in his own words!

I use 4 colors, applied to my wet palette- AK Black, AK Basalt Grey, AK Silver Grey, AK White. If you don’t have these, don’t panic, you can use similar tones from other paint ranges.


Step 1: For light placement, I always follow the rule that a light area contrasts with a darker area- never place light areas side-by-side. I add areas of Basalt Grey over the Black.

Step 2: Next I place a 1:1 mix of Basalt Grey and Silver Grey in the center of all the previous light areas from step 2. If it is near a corner, I place this lighter area on the corner.

Step 3: I try to smooth the transitions between each tonal jump, but only a little! Don’t obsess!


Silver nmm easy

Step 4: I edge-highlight all the edges I can see in the sword- the thinner the highlights the better.

Step 5: I use AK White Ink (but any white will do) through an airbrush and shoot little circles of white into the centre of the lightest areas of the sword. Aim carefully, using the angles of the sword, to avoid hitting the opposing dark areas.

Tip: you can place the sword on a surface and slowly move the airbrush toward the light area you wish to highlight.

Step 6: I add dots of pure white in the center of each light area, and on some of the edge-highlights too.

Optional: I add some lines to look like a sparkly crystal effect.


Still not sure about NMM? Ok, we have you covered for that, too! Download our recipe card about painting gold with conventional metallic paint techniques. Easy to use, clear and it’s free to download!

Stormcast Eternals Knight-Judicator gold armor recipe card tutorial

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