Interview with Angel Giraldez

angel giraldez professional miniature painter

In this interview, his passion for his work is evident, as is his dedication to sharing his techniques. To assist other miniature painters, he produces numerous videos and tutorials that are greatly appreciated by many.

Great Gift Ideas for Miniature Painters


Great Gift Ideas for miniature painters With our Gift Ideas for Miniature Painters, you are sure to make the right choice for Christmas. Do you want to get into miniature painting and aren’t sure what to ask for for the holidays? Are you looking for a Christmas gift for a friend or a family member? Great. …

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A Quick Guide to Miniature Assembly

priming miniature a quick guide to miniature assembly

A Quick Guide to Miniature Assembly Sticking your miniatures together is a part of the miniature painting hobby as essential as the painting process. When your box of new minis arrives, it is very likely they will do so unassembled. Their individual components will be attached to a plastic or resin sprue. Don’t know how to …

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Interview with Next Level Painting

Straight to the point. Next Level Painting is a very talented miniature painter of few words. He was kind enough to answer Redgrassgames’s interview. Kenny Boucher aka Next Level Painting on Youtube specializes in painting tutorials for hobbyists. He has a unique and laid-back approach to teaching airbrush and paintbrush techniques. Learn more about Nextlevelpainting …

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Interview with Scott The Machine

At RedGrassGames, we like to support all kinds of painters! Let us introduce you to Scott “The machine” painted miniatures. He’s always been fast at painting miniatures… Hence his artist’s name! Discover how fast he can be. Here’s his story. Can you introduce yourself a little bit? Why have you chosen the name “Scott The …

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Interview with Will Paints

Will Paints is one of our favorite pro painters at RedGrassGames. Check his instagram to see his amazing work at miniatures painting. You can see how precise his painting is on faces’ expressions. Try to guess which miniature he first painted for a competition and find the answer in his interview just right below. You’ll …

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Interview with miniature painter Mamikon

At RedGrassGames we love Mamikon! His steps by steps on miniatures painting techniques are amazing. Here’s a little more about this miniature painter. Can you introduce yourself a little bit? Hello everyone! My name is Mamikon but you might know me by my old nickname Noki or NokiStudio. When did you start painting miniatures? I …

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Interview with Firebrush Studio

Everybody can paint miniatures. At RedGrassGames, we like to support everyone, pro, and hobbyists alike! Here’s an interview with an awesome miniature painter: Firebrush studio Firebrush studio: Can you introduce yourself a little bit? My name is Carlos Tobes I am 36 years old, I am a graphic designer and illustrator, but I work professionally …

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