Why is there traces of oil on my blade?

This is perfectly normal. The blade is lightly coated in oil to keep the tool in prime condition. Please wipe off  before use.

Can I cut metal parts with my nippers?

No.RGG precision nippers are designed to cut plastics (PS,PP,ABS,PE) and resins only. Please do not exceed max 3mm

My nippers doesn’t open properly

The blades are very sharp and very thin. They are set at the factory to close and open effortlessly.

However, sometimes when the two blades are pressed together, the blades overlap a little bit causing a temporary sticking effect.

It can be fixed by adjusting the 2 blades so they don’t overlap anymore. First, close the blades together. Just when they touch, make sure they’re not overlapping even by a little. If they do, adjust the 2 blades using a 1.5mm hex key or Allen key. See the picture for details. 

I broke my nippers

Even if RGG nippers are a tool of the utmost quality and precision, blades can be damaged or even broken in certain conditions. The following actions will void the warranty: 

  • Hard fall 
  • Cutting metals
  • Cutting plastics and resins of a thickness exceeding 3 mm
  • cutting anything else than sprue or miniatures.  

We are currently working on a FAQ. For all questions regarding the brushes please contact us directly

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