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Painter Complete Pack

Wet Palette Easy to store and carry. For small to medium working space. Size: 15cm x 20 cm (5,9" x 7,9")


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RGG360 Painting Handle v2

Painting handle at its best. RGG 360° (design patent) is the only natural ergonomic miniature holder designed to create the best connection between you and your miniature, help you adopt the best painting position and minimize unnecessary movements.


In stock

2x additional caps for painting handle - RGG360 - Blue × 2

2 additional caps for the RGG360° miniature holder V2.
Swap your miniatures at will!

6.90CHF each

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RGG Painting Book - AG - Free painting book from Angel Giraldez

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Essential gift for miniature painting for Christmas.

Most hobbyists take hobby painting seriously, but some more than others. For them, we created the essential gift for miniature painting bundle: A set of Redgrassgames Everlasting wet palette Painter, with the best Painting handle RGG360v2 and a Painting book.

Wet Palette and Painting Handle: two of the most important tool in one set!

With Everlasting Painter Wet Palette, you can paint a quick project, or take your painting on the go.  No matter what model, our wet palettes will keep your paint fresh and ready. It will also protect your mixes and dilutions. That why we say it will help you save time, save paint and master advanced techniques.

To handle your miniatures, grab one of our painting handles RGG360 V2, with additional caps. They will give you precision and speed, while improving your overall comfort when painting.

Our free painting book is an invaluable ressource for any painter

And to complement our pro painter acclaimed products, what best than a Painting Book from one of the most renowned miniature painter: Angel Giraldez. With this painting book, you will learn all the important techniques: Color Theory, Dilution techniques, Brush handling basics, Blending techniques, Dry Brushing, Glazing, Stippling, Washes, how to paint eyes…

Make the essential gift for miniature painting from Redgrassgames, and start painting better.

Additional information

Painter Complete Pack

Weight 0.6 kg


RGG360 Painting Handle v2

Weight 0.07 kg
Dimensions 16 × 7.8 × 2.8 cm


2x additional caps for painting handle - RGG360 - Blue

Weight 0.1 kg


RGG Painting Book - AG - Free painting book from Angel Giraldez



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