Shipping Status

Shipping status


To continue our news from last week regarding shipping and deliveries:

In order for you to have the wet palettes as fast as possible, we have selected the fastest way possible to ship more than 10 000 Everlasting Wet Palettes worldwide:

  • By train across Asia and Europe for EU & UK backers. We gain 2 weeks versus by boat. The container already left the factory and is currently being loaded on the train.
  • By Boat to the US west coast + across land to the fulfillment centers in the US & Canada. This route is significantly faster than shipping to the east coast. The container is already on the boat and departed.
  • For Australia, New-Zealand and Asia, the goods are already at the fulfillment center. Deliveries will start in a few days.
  • Free Pick-up in Paris: (in French about the dates) Dès que nous avons une certitude sur la date d’arrivée du train, nous vous conmmuniquerons les dates pour le retrait.
  • Rest of the World:  For our backers from Africa, Middle East and South America, your rewards will be shipped by VFI Asia or Aimplify asap.

You can follow-up the shipping status on from now on.



Vivien & Fabrice

Depending on your region and depending on the current stock level, your order may be shipped from our main hub in Germany or from our alternative hubs in Asia, the UK, Canada or the US while stocks last.  Dispatch time vary between 7 to 10 days. Then the delivery could take several days once dispatched. In all cases, you will receive a tracking number. For any question regarding your order, please contact our support.