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Wet palette, what is it?


Save your paint, save your time, master advanced techniques with a wet palette. Discover how a wet palette can change your painting forever and make the process easy and fun. A wet palette is a must-have tool for every painter. Its primary objective is to keep acrylic paint and other water-based paints fresh for hours while working, or even for days until your next painting session. You can learn more about wet palettes here.

Redgrass wet palettes stand out due to their superior materials, including advanced TPE seals, a specially designed bottom layer, and a proprietary patented hydration system. They can be extended with a brush holder, a dry palette, and other accessories, all engineered to help you focus on your painting sessions.

Discover the Everlasting Wet Palette.


Cutting edge wet palette technology


Keeps your paints fresh for days.


Save paint. Save time.


Achieve smooth blends.

Ease of Use

Quick set up, easy cleanup.


Modular design
and insert options.


Paint anywhere, anytime.


Join a global artist community.

Select One of the Top 4 Wet Palettes for Your Painting Needs

Best wet palette for Miniature Painting
Best for Fine Art

Studio XL v2

  • 30.5x24cm (12x8 in.)
  • High-Performance Polycarbonate
  • Airtightness
  • Reusable Hydration Membrane
  • Miniature Paints
  • Compatible with glass & dry palette, wavy brush holder, pot holder

Painter v2

  • 24x16.5cm (9.5x6.5 in.)
  • High-Performance Polycarbonate
  • Airtightness
  • Reusable Hydration Membrane
  • Miniature Paints
  • Compatible with glass & dry palette, wavy brush holder, pot holder

Painter Lite

  • 20x15cm (5.9x7.9 in.)
  • ABS
  • Airtightness
  • Single Use Hydration Paper Sheet
  • Miniature Paints
  • Compatible with glass & dry palettes

Studio XL Art

  • 30.5x24cm (12x8 in.)
  • High-Perf. Polycarbonate
  • Airtightness
  • Fine Art Hydration Membranes
  • Heavy Body Acrylic, Gouache
  • Compatible with glass & dry palette, wavy brush holder, pot holder

Why Redgrass is the best place to buy your wet palette?

Advanced Tech

Patented high performance hydration system, award winning designers, registered models

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Shop Slide- in Accessories. Extend your wet palette

Slide-in accessories from Redgrass allow you to work with inks and more liquid shades. The new wavy design adds a convenient brush holder to your wet palette. You can also stabilize your shades with the anti-spill pot holder.

Dry palettes. Master new techniques with Glass Palettes Inserts for Everlasting wet palette.

Glass palette inserts create a dry palette surface that can be used with your Everlasting Wet Palette. They allow you to access all dry painting techniques and work with oil paints, including storing them.

Membrane refills. Recharge your Wet Palette with our patented technology.

Membrane refills are Redgrass’s patented technology for wet palettes. Custom-designed and fine-tuned for each paint type, they keep your paint fresh and workable for extended periods. They are the core component of the Everlasting V2 wet palette, preserving paint stability up to 50% longer compared to regular hydro sheets or parchment paper. They are also reusable many times. Only at Redgrass.

Hydration foam refills. Renew your water supply for your wet palette.

Redgrass hydration foam is the best on the market for your wet palette. Compared to other hydro foam sponges, they are fine-tuned to store and release the exact amount of water needed by your paints. When used with our membranes or hydration paper, they help you build and maintain your wet palette.

Legacy refills. Resupply your wet palette with our classic hydration paper.

Redgrass hydration paper is designed to keep your paints wet and workable for long periods. Compared to other hydro sheets and parchment paper, it offers better resistance and is fine-tuned for miniature painting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wet Palette

  • Can I return a Wet Palette?

    Yes. If you decide that your purchase is not right for you, you are welcome to return it us for a full refund within 15 days of delivery. The product must be unused and in the original packaging unopened/undamaged. Returns are subject to our terms and conditions.

    Learn more about returns, refunds and exchanges here  

  • Do you ship worldwide?

    Yes. We ship worldwide with trackings so that you can monitor your package along the way.

  • What are reusable membranes – Redgrass patented technology

    Our patented reusable membranes are the cornerstone of our hydration system. They are used to provide the exact amount of hydration to your hobby acrylic paints, over a long time period. You can easily clean them after use and use them multiple times with care. This is the best hydration system you can work with.

  • How does a wet palette work?

    A wet palette typically consists of a plastic case, a layer of absorbent material or wet sponge and a paper with a porous surface on top. The palette will deliver the right amount of moisture keeping your paint workable for hours.

  • What are Redgrass advanced hydration papers?

    Redgrass developed a special permeable palette paper perfectly suited for working with hobby and miniature acrylic paints. Compared to regular parchment paper, it offers improved resistance, optimized moisturization, and enhanced reliability. Redgrass also developed a proprietary technology for reusable membranes that offers even better performance.

  • Which paint brands are recommended for the Everlasting Wet Palette?

    Redgrass Everlasting wet palettes V2 and Lite are developed specifically for hobby acrylic paints and are 100% compatible with major brands like Citadel, Vallejo, Warhammer, and The Army Painter range. The Redgrass Everlasting Studio XL ART palettes are designed for heavy body acrylics and gouache, compatible with all major brands. For oil paints, we recommend using our glass palettes, which offer a smooth, durable surface to help store oil paints effectively.

  • What is a wet palette

    What is a wet palette ? A wet palette is an essential tool for every painter. It is the surface where you will mix your acrylic paint. But also try different paint consistencies and master all kinds of advanced painting techniques. Its main purpose is to keep your acrylic paint fresh for hours or even days between painting sessions. You can learn more about wet palettes here

  • What types of paints work with a wet palette?

    Wet Palettes typically keep your water-based paints fresh and workable.

    Acrylic paint dries quickly because it is water-based, allowing the water to evaporate and the paint to harden. It also contains an acrylic polymer emulsion, which dries and hardens when exposed to air. This quick drying time is popular among artists as it allows for rapid work and layering without waiting for previous layers to dry. However, this can be problematic when mixing paint on a dry surface. Wet palettes have been created to address this issue and help prevent paint waste.

    Gouache paint is a water-based medium similar to watercolor but thicker and more opaque. It is made by mixing pigment with a binding agent, like gum arabic, and water, making it applicable to various surfaces. Gouache can be thinned with water, dries quickly, and is water-soluble, making cleanup easy. This offers a significant advantage over other mediums. Using a wet palette helps stabilize paint consistency, preventing it from drying out or becoming too wet, making it highly recommended for gouache paint.

  • 5 Advantages of using a wet palette?

    1. A wet palette allows you to keep your paints moist and workable for a longer period, which is especially useful when working on large projects or with paints that dry out quickly, such as acrylic or gouache. It also maintains the right paint consistency.

    2. A wet palette is a great surface for mixing paint. It is easier to mix colors on a wet palette, as the paint is more fluid and blends together more easily.

    2. A wet palette helps to keep colors vibrant and true to their original hue, as the moisture in the palette prevents the paint from drying out and becoming dull.

    4. Don't waste your paint anymore and save money! A wet palette is perfect for preserving your expensive paints at the right consistency. Your paints will no longer dry out before you can even use them, which is impossible on a plastic palette.

    5. A wet palette is a convenient way to store and transport paints, as it keeps the paints from drying out and allows you to easily take your paints with you or resume your work later.



Since our inception in 2017, Redgrass has been dedicated to innovation in wet palette technology, earning the trust of professional artists worldwide.  Our wet palettes stand out due to their advanced design, featuring custom hydration foam pads and reusable membranes. This combination ensures your acrylic paints remain fresh and workable for extended periods.  Our patented hydration membrane is the only reusable and cleanable palette surface available, specifically designed for miniature painting and fine art. By maintaining optimal moisture levels, our palettes keep your paints vibrant and consistent, making Redgrass the leading choice for serious artists.

The heart of our wet palette:
the RGG Reusable Membrane

Our patented hydration membrane is the only reusable and cleanable palette surface available, specifically designed for miniature painting and fine art. Thanks to a specially treated surface, paint glides smoothly on the membrane. Paints do not seep into the membrane. Moisture is perfectly stabilised with a controlled capillary action. As the painter, you are in control of the consistency or dilution of the paint, and the membrane will keep it stable for longer. The opaque, whitish appearance helps perceive colours to the fullest. The Membrane is 4x stronger than conventional hydration papers. And yes, you will be able to use it many, many times.

Backed up by our reliable hydration foams

Our foams are not only naturally mould resistant, they also carry an incredible amount of water. And they are now thicker than ever. They will last longer, with a gray neutralising tone.

  • Incredible water retention capacity
  • Naturally mould resistant
  • Long lasting
  • Neutralising tone

Protected by the highest performance
seals and cases

The unprecedented high-performance TPE seal opens and closes easily yet tightly. Its extra thickness and added flexibility make it easy to use. Simply put, with a perfectly sealed palette, your paint will stay stable. No more overflowing or drying out—just close your palette and resume your work days or even weeks later.

Our high-performance polycarbonate and ABS cases offer proper storage and protection for your acrylic paints.



A wet palette is an essential tool for every painter. It is the surface where you will mix your acrylic paint and gouache. Its main purpose is to keep your paints fresh for hours or even days between sessions. The Everlasting Wet Palette excels at this by providing a perfect balance of moisture, ensuring your paints remain vibrant and workable.

Everlasting Wet Palettes keep paint fresh

Maintains workability while painting.

The Everlasting Wet Palette’s unique technologies work for you while you paint. Your paint is supplied with a steady flow of water through our specialized membranes or hydration paper sheets, keeping it fresh and workable for hours. This allows you to maintain a consistent flow in your artwork, without the worry of drying paint interrupting your creative process.

Close the lid and extend your paint's life for days or even weeks.

When the lid is closed, our high-performance TPE joints create an airtight seal, freezing any changes and allowing your paint to rest undisturbed. This means your palette will be ready to use whenever you resume painting, even after days or weeks. Whether you’re in the middle of an intricate piece or taking a break, the Everlasting Wet Palette ensures that your paints are always at their best.

Redgrass wet palette studio XL art


Thanks to our dedicated and finely-tuned hydration systems, you can save up to 80% of your paints compared to other dry and wet palettes.

new reusable membrane for wet palette Painter V2 wet palette paper

For hobby and miniature painting: 

At Redgrass, we have tested our hydration systems with all major paint brands available on the market. Whether you are using Vallejo, Citadel, Army Painter, or any other paint range, you will achieve perfect results every time.

For Fine Art paints: 

Fine art paints, such as heavy body acrylics and gouache, have different hydration requirements. That’s why we developed a dedicated hydration system that provides a low water flow, impermeable to the finest pigments.


Saving paint is great, but saving time is even better! This is possible with the Everlasting Wet Palette. Most homemade wet palettes overflow, making the paint unusable even if it remains wet. The Everlasting Wet Palette’s unique stabilized hydration keeps your paints as you left them. When you build the perfect color palette for your project or set up the right dilution for your figurines, the Everlasting Wet Palette saves it for you, allowing you to reuse them as needed. That’s why professionals rely on our product to increase their efficiency.

Everlasting Wet Palette helps you save paint and time

Ease of use


With Everlasting Wet Palette, start painting in a few seconds in 4 easy steps.
setup everlasting wet palette

Step 1

Add water to moisten the foam pad.
Reusable Membranes Square

Step 2

Take one hydration membrane or paper sheet.
setup everlasting wet palette

Step 3

Apply your hydration membrane.
how to set up a wet palette v

Step 4

Start painting.

Modular design and insert options.


Our new sliding lock system for attachments makes it easier to securely add accessories to your Wet Palette V2. Work with inks, stabilize your paint pot—anything is possible.

Wavy helps you work with inks and shades, while also providing an innovative brush holder. The anti-spill pot holder stabilizes your paint pot.

wavy well palette and brush holder
citadel shade holder

You can attach up to 3 slide in accessories on a Everlasting v2 series wet palette.

Wet Palette with mixed colours and a miniature


Specially designed for oil paints, pigments, heavy body acrylics, and drybrushing, the RGG Glass Palette is the only reusable dry palette you’ll ever need, perfectly complementing the best wet palette.

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The Everlasting Wet Palette is designed with portability in mind, featuring a compact size that fits easily into any bag. 

Its sleek design ensures that it remains lightweight and easy to carry, while the innovative sliding lock system keeps all attachments securely in place during transport. 

Whether you’re painting at home, in the studio, or on the go, the Everlasting Wet Palette offers unmatched convenience and reliability.



100s of Pro Painters use the Everlasting Wet Palette to work daily.

Since its inception in 2017, the Everlasting Wet Palette has become a trusted tool for 100 professional painters. They appreciate its ease of use, reliable performance, and the way it supports their creative process.

angel giraldez studio

Angel Giraldez, a world-renowned painter, uses the Everlasting Painter v2 Wet Palette every day.
Known for his exceptional skills and attention to detail, Angel Giraldez relies on the consistent quality provided by the Everlasting Painter v2 to bring his artistic visions to life.

Squidmar started with our Studio XL v1 wet palette and then switched to the Studio XL v2, praising the improved membrane performance. The upgraded features of the Studio XL v2 have garnered positive feedback from professional artists, further cementing its reputation as a top choice for serious painters.

Wet Palette Tips and Tricks

1000s of painters use Everlasting Wet Palette to uplift their painting.

The Everlasting Wet Palette was launched on Kickstarter, quickly winning over thousands of backers with its innovative design and functionality. Over the years, our user community has grown exponentially, now encompassing hundreds of thousands of painters from around the globe. By joining this vibrant community, you can rely on the Everlasting Wet Palette as the gold standard for painting fine art and miniatures. Experience the difference in quality and join the artists who trust their creative work to the Everlasting Wet Palette.