Best daylight lamp for artists

best daylight lamp for artists

Finding the perfect light for artists can be tough! As creative people ourselves, we know how important light is for artists like you who love to paint, make crafts, and bring your ideas to life.

Paint Your Minis Fast

mech walker republic of polonia scythe boardgame painting miniatures guide rgg Redgrasscreative how to close-up details

Paint Your Minis Fast. Unpainted boardgame miniatures can be quite detracting when you play.

Edge Highlight Space Marine

rgg tutorial edge highlight space marine guide salamander primaris warhammer 40k games workshop redgrassgames angle of approach and side of brush for best edge highlights

Edge highlight space marine tutorial. If you paint a lot of ‘Eavy Metal style Games Workshop models, you’re familiar with edge highlights.

Step Up Your Miniature Painting!

step up your miniature painting rgg redgrassgames painting guide tutorial parabellum conquest last argument of kings one hundred kingdoms imperial officer complete

Step up your miniature painting. We are going to look at some suggestions of tips and tricks that go beyond ‘base-layer-highlight’ using this mini from Parabellum

Red Dot Best of the Best 2023

RGG LED lamp for miniature painting

Redgrass SA is thrilled to announce that we’ve won the Red Dot Best of the Best 2023 award in the Product Design Category! The R9 Desk Lamp is the best you can get.

Painting yellow miniatures

painting yellow miniatures finished imperial fist space marine

In this guide we are looking at how to tackle painting yellow. Specifically, how to paint an Imperial Fist space marine from Warhammer 40,000.

Paint Minis Faster

anna & wojtek republic of polonia scythe boardgame painting miniatures guide rgg Redgrasscreative how to close up shots details

Paint Minis Faster. How to tackle so many, so quickly? However, and especially for beginner painters, using the core mini painting techniques still helps!

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