Best daylight lamp for artists

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Best daylight lamp for artists

Finding the perfect light for artists can be tough!

As creative people ourselves, we know how important light is for artists like you who love to paint, make crafts, and bring your ideas to life.

That’s why we spent two years redesigning the desk lamp from scratch, creating the R9 Desk Lamp – the best daylight lamp for artists.

With its award-winning minimalist design, the R9 Desk Lamp is the perfect companion for artists, offering exceptional color accuracy and versatility.


RGG LED lamp for miniature painting

The Revolutionary R9 Desk Lamp: The Best Daylight Lamp for Artists Every Creative Person Needs.

Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking, Collage, Pottery, Mosaic, Textile arts, Jewelry making, Origami, Calligraphy, Quilting, Woodworking, Scrapbooking, Beading, and more.

Why is good light essential when creating?

Revealing the tiniest details and accurately matching colors are essential aspects for artists who are truly committed to their creative vision. Regardless of whether you’re involved in painting, drawing, miniature painting, graphic design, fashion design, sculpting, or jewelry making, having a high-quality lamp plays a significant role in the success of your work.

best daylight lamp for artists

The importance of proper lighting cannot be overstated, especially when it comes to professional use in your studio or even for your hobbies and home office projects. A well-designed artist lamp offers numerous benefits, including improved color accuracy, reduced eye strain, and enhanced comfort during extended work sessions.

By investing in a top-notch lamp tailored to the needs of artists, you can ensure that your workspace is optimally illuminated, allowing you to focus on the finer details of your creations without any hindrances. Furthermore, a good lamp can help you maintain consistency in your work, minimize mistakes due to poor visibility, and ultimately, bring your artistic vision to life with greater precision and confidence.

Redefining Color Accuracy with R9 Color Perfect™

The R9 Desk Lamp, known as the best daylight lamp for artists, boasts an exceptional extended CRI of 98.5+, which enables it to vividly show the true and natural colors of objects, as they would appear under daylight. 

This innovative feature is a world-first, making the lamp stand out from the rest. In addition, the R9 Desk Lamp utilizes innovative LED Pure-White Daylight at 5000 Kelvin, offering the whitest color temperature possible. 

This CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) is easy on the eyes and comfortable for use during both daytime and nighttime work.

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Exceptional Versatility for Creative People.

The R9 Desk Lamp, considered the best daylight lamp for artists, is incredibly versatile, allowing you to erase shadows, focus on a specific detail, and even add back lighting while filming – all with just one lamp.

Its unique lighting system consists of two independently rotating light bars, each containing 48 high-quality LEDs, for a total of 96 LEDs. 

This results in a bright and highly focused beam that is perfect for a wide range of applications, from drawing and painting to photography and professional uses.

Eye care and artists’ well-being

As the best daylight lamp for artists, the R9 Desk Lamp features an advanced technology flicker-free light source, with electrical components that have been carefully selected to eliminate the slight intermittent light that is commonly seen in standard lamps.

This feature not only prevents discomfort and headaches but also provides a steady and consistent light source that is ideal for work or hobbies.

best LED lamp for artists

Award-Winning Minimalist Design

The R9 Desk Lamp recently won the Red Dot Award 2023: Best of the Best, making it one of the most highly acclaimed desk lamps in the world.

Its sleek and elegant design, made of powder-coated aluminum with a pitch black matte finish and a signature touch of red, is sure to complement any workspace and solidify its title as the best daylight lamp for artists.

Who won Red Dot Design Award 2023?

Unlock Your Creative Potential with the R9 Desk Lamp!

The R9 Desk Lamp is undoubtedly the best daylight lamp for artists, providing exceptional color rendering, versatility, and eye protection. With its award-winning design and innovative features, the R9 Desk Lamp is a must-have for any artist looking to elevate their workspace.

best daylight lamp for artists