Color rendering index FAQ

color rendering index FAQ

Does CRI matters ? Which one is more important CRI or color temperature? Here we have gathered the FAQ regarding CRI …

Flicker Free LED lighting

Everything you need to know about flicker in a led light, where it comes from, and how to mitigate it.

Understanding Color Rendering Index (CRI)

Color Rendering Index FAQ

Color Rendering Index refers to the accuracy of light. In other words, it measures the ability of light to display an object’s color accurately upon illumination. Learn everything you need to know about high CRI leds and how it could improve your work.

miniature painting lamp review

Miniature painting lamp review

Miniature painting lamp review: Lance Allen @lance_allen_miniatures is an award winning miniature painting artist based in the UK.  Lance was kind enough to receive us at his home and was  one of the first to test the upcoming Redgrass Desk lamp for miniature painting! After trying out the task lamp, he wrote a review on his first impressions which we …

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