We will summarise here Frequently Asked Questions from the online community, forums and social networks.
Questions will be added before and during the Kickstarter campaign

Q#0. What is a wet palette and why do I need one?

A wet palette is an essential tool for every miniature painter. The key working principle of the wet palette is to moisturize paint, so that it does not dry when you are using it. However, while dry palette tends to dry too fast, most regular wet palettes tend to overflow paint with water.
What is unique about Everlasting Wet Palette, is that the dilution level is very stable thanks to our hydration system : once set, it will not dry nor overflow paint with water.
The first obvious advantage is that it limits paint waste, as the paint stays wet and workable for a long time period (hours when open, days when the lid is closed).
The second advantage is that it helps you save time, as you don’t have to mix over and over again the same paints, or don’t have to adjust the paint dilution level every other minute.
The third advantage, is that it gives you access to advanced painting techniques with ease as you don’t have to fight with a paint drying too fast, or being too watered.

Q#5. What kind of paints can I use?

Everlasting Wet Palette was designed to be used with hobby paints and level of dilution used in miniature painting. We have tested it extensively with this type of paints, in particular: Citadel, Vallejo/Prince August, P3, Army Painter, AK47, Scale Colors/75, … at different level of dilution.

Outside of hobby paint, there are many different brands of paint and it’s impossible to test everything. Results may vary. But as long as it is acrylics, it should work. If you are using really dry acrylics, you might have to adapt the level of moisture you put into the foam.

Q#6. I heard about a reusable membrane, are you going to release it?

Everlasting Wet Palette is a multi faceted project. One part was to develop the best case and user experience. Another part was to develop the best hydration system, and the last part was to eventually create a reusable membrane.

Users were very excited with our case and paper based hydration system. They were not interested in the reusability. As it is ready, we decided to release it. You will have 100 sheets to paint, it should take quite a long time before you run out…

For the reusable part, unfortunately, our reusable membrane did not reach our quality expectations yet. We have a good prototype, but the quality is not consistent when we reach the production stage. As we don’t want to sell something, we are not 100% sure to produce, we preferred to postpone the launch of the reusable membrane. We are not certain we will be able to produce it. But if you participate to the Kickstarter today, you will have the opportunity to purchase the membrane with free shipping, when it is released.