Interview With Rogland Studio

Interview with Rogland Studio

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Interview with Rogland Studio. Swedish painter Robert Karlsson is well-known for his phenomenal boxart and competition pieces. As ‘Rogland Studio’ online, you will have seen his amazing large-scale resin models.  At Redgrassgames we love to support the best, so naturally we had to ask Robert about himself and his hobby journey! Read on for more… 

1. Interview with Rogland Studio – How long have you been miniature painting? How did you start?

I started 2010 so I guess 13 years now =) I started by accident, I found some old miniatures I painted as a kid and I thought it looked like it could be fun, tried and stuck since then =)” 

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2. Where do you get your inspiration from?

Now days I mostly gets inspired by myself, what I mean is if a project goes well and I am happy with the result then I get inspired to paint more and push myself. But of course a lot of artist like Brom, Jones, Franzetta, A Smith, P Bonner inspire me.” 

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3. Interview with Rogland Studio – What words describe
your painting?

That is for someone else to answer, lol, but I hope…interesting, great composition of colors, understanding of light and harmony.” 

4. Interview with Rogland Studio – Do you have any
formal artistic background or qualifications?

Not really, I was interested in art when I was young and I had a really good grade in art in elementary school but that’s it!” 

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5. Where do you paint,
at your home or do you have a studio?

Today I have my own small house close to where I have my studio.” 

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6. Interview with Rogland Studio – What is the miniature you have painted that you are the proudest of?

I guess that must be the miniature I painted in 2018- Asura! It won best of fantasy in Monte MSS 2018 and best of show at Hussar.” 

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7. Interview with Rogland Studio – What are the most important techniques you think a miniature painter should know?

I think the best technique is what works for you, I learned and mastered most of them and I use some of them for different purposes, one suits a shape or area better then another, so I change technique without even thinking about what I use, freedom =)” 

8. Is there a model you have already painted you would love to paint again, what would you improve?

I often think I should paint a miniature twice because I enjoyed the process but in the end I am often so tired of it so I wouldn’t consider it by free will =)” 

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9. Why do you think that using a wet palette is interesting?

I used a wet pallet since I started basically, first two years I discovered and tried to understand a lot of things I needed for this hobby and I early tried a wet palette, this felt much better for several reasons, it takes a lot longer for the paint to dry so I can paint without refilling colors on there.” 

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10. What advice would you give to someone interested in taking the plunge to become a commission painter?

Don’t do it! Lol…I don’t think you should do it because you decide to be one…to be honest its hard work and more stressful then you can believe, you have to have a strong mind so you don’t lose the joy of painting for relaxation and for fun, for me it came by itself when I got better, I got some requests and I tried commission painting, I didn’t like it at all first but later I got into it the good way.

So do it if you have the chance but don’t beg or try to sell your work just for the sake of it…” 

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By Rogland Studio

11. Do you have a list of favored colors?

For me its not so much about the brand and such but…Vallejo has been with me for many years and I trust their products to work for me in any situation, also Kimera Kolors.

My favorite ones that I use but also tweak a lot with different mixing is these because they are desaturated most of them, this way I can add colors to saturate in a later stage:

Vallejo Purple shadow

Vallejo Dark sea blue

Vallejo Ivory

Vallejo Beige red

Vallejo Heavy gold brown 

Liquitex Green gold

Liquitex Transparent Burnt Umber (ink)

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