Here, we will explain how to set up Redgrassgames wet palette v2 for the first time, so you will understand the best practice to set the right amount of water to keep your paint consistent as long as possible. Once you are more experienced, you can adapt these measures to suit your personal needs.

Unpack your package contents. You will need one hydration foam pad. If you have additional foam pads, you can keep them stored away for now. Initially, your foam pad may be more or less dry which may alter the size. Once you have followed steps 2 to 5, your pad will reform to take its original shape.

Step 1

You will need one hydration foam pad. Initially, your foam pad may be more or less dry which may alter the size.

Step 2

Immerse your foam pad in water. If the foam pad is dry, it may take a couple of minutes to absorb water properly. Once your foam pad is completely wet, you can stop immersing it in water.

Step 3

Squeeze out all the water.

Step 4

Place the foam pad in the wet palette case. Add water to moisten the foam pad. For the recommended amount of water, check the ref below.

Step 5

Wait until the foam pad is evenly moistened. Ensure that the water level inside the wet palette case is not higher than the top of the foam pad; if you have too much water it will flood the surface of the membrane when you apply it.

Step 6

Unlike the hydration papers, RGG membranes are one-sided. The blank side should face up. The printed side is the back side.

Step 7

Apply your hydration membrane. Make sure the paper lines up with the foam pad. Ensure that you place the membrane the correct way up.

Step 8

If necessary, smooth out the membrane with the side of your hand to remove any curling or bubbling. For best results, the surface should always be 100% in contact with the moistened foam pad beneath.

Step 9

Start painting!

set up redgrassgames wet palette


Don't forget to top up your water every couple of hours.


Our patent-pending reusable membrane is designed specifically for miniature painting. Thanks to a specially treated surface, paint glides smoothly on the membrane. Washes, inks, or metallic paints do not seep into the membrane. Paint moisture is perfectly stabilized thanks to its controlled capillary action. As the painter, you are in control of the consistency or dilution of the paint, and the membrane will keep it stable for longer. 

Existing paper sheets for wet palettes are single-use and need to be thrown away. But the Redgrassgames reusable membrane can be cleaned and used multiple times with care. It will gradually stain over these cleaning cycles, but this is merely cosmetic and performance will remain consistent.

set up redgrassgames wet palette

Step 1

Remove or use any excess paint from the membrane surface before cleaning.

Step 2

For cleaning away the old paint adhering to the membrane, use an old large soft brush, damp paper towel, or your fingers to avoid damaging the membrane surface.

Wet palette reusable membrane

Step 3

In a sink or in a bowl full of lukewarm water, clean off any remaining paint. Use gentle, circular motions to remove the old paint. Do not scratch at the paint as this can damage the membrane surface.

clean wet palette paper membrane

Step 4

If the paint is not fully dried on or cured, it should come off easily in water. Do not use strong cleaning chemicals or abrasive tools to remove old paint.

clean wet palette paper membrane

Step 5

Once the hydration membrane is clean...

Step 6

...let it dry completely! Preferably let it dry out on a flat surface.

Step 7

Your membrane is ready to be used again! You can reuse it at least 3 to 6 times depending on the paint you have used. With care, you can use it more- it is entirely up to you!


  • Cleaning the reusable membrane from Redgrassgames is simple. Old paints that are not fully dried can be removed in water with a soft brush or your fingers. Please see the section ‘How To Clean Your Reusable Membrane’ for more information. Do not use harmful chemicals or abrasive cleaners to clean your reusable membranes.
  • Your mileage may vary! With careful use and cleaning, each reusable membrane can be reused many more times than the recommended minimum guideline. It is entirely up to you!

  • Yes. Staining is totally normal, and a purely cosmetic process that will not affect performance of the membrane. Certain paints may be more prone to staining than others, especially with highly pigmented ones.
  • Once you are ready to dispose of your current membrane and start a fresh one, you can dispose of the older membrane as you would do any other paper & card materials, in line with your local legislation on recycling. 


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The Everlasting Wet Palette v2 was created in 2021. At the time, it was the most successful Kickstarter campaign for miniature painting (and it probably still is).

13954 backers helped us make this v2 project a reality. As a result, RGG wet palettes are the most popular palettes for miniature painting.

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