The LED Lamp Miniature Painters Have Been Waiting For!

At Redgrass, we thrive on challenges and innovation. When we embarked on designing a lamp for miniature painting, we had a clear vision: no existing desk lamp was good enough for our hobby. We knew we had to innovate for the benefit of all miniature painters.

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Miniature painting, like many artistic endeavors, usually involves a lot of color, precision and concentration. All three of these traits need good lighting which is comfortable to use and performs well.

The Redgrass R9 Desk Lamp is custom designed offers a premium experience to ensure your miniature painting experience is as rich and comfortable as possible.

Intrigued by the LED Lamp miniature painters have been waiting for?  Read on.

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The LED Lamp Miniature Painters Have Been Waiting For! : Flexible Lighting

The R9 Desk Lamp has two independently rotating bars with custom built LEDS. For an art style that is often about the very small, being able to focus your lighting on the precise spot where you are painting can be difficult without causing shadows. The design’s ingenuity in having two separate bars means you can direct the light to precisely where you need it, and avoid heavy shadows at the same time – perfect for the needs of miniature painting and other creative hobbies!

The LED Lamp Miniature Painters Have Been Waiting For!

The LED Lamp Miniature Painters Have Been Waiting For!

:Color Accuracy

At the heart of the R9’s appeal is its groundbreaking Redgrass R9 Color Perfect technology, which challenges traditional color rendering norms. With an extended Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 98.5+ and an exceptional R9 value, the lamp excels in displaying true-to-life colors, especially critical reds, yellows, and skin tones.

This capability is crucial for miniature painters who rely on precise color differentiation to bring their intricate designs to life. The lamp’s LED technology, coupled with specific phosphor coatings, ensures the full spectrum of natural daylight is mimicked, enhancing the color accuracy of every project.

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Forget everything you know about color rendering.

Standard CRI analyzes only 8 colors out of 15. Excluding key colors such as red, yellow and skin tones in the calculation. 

Our Advanced LEDs boast a score of 97+ on the Rg test, encompassing the full color spectrum. This feature is unparalleled and exclusive to our product.

The R9 Desk Lamp stands alone in its ability to provide perfect color rendition, making it ideal for painting miniatures with acrylics or any other type of paint.

The LED Lamp Miniature Painters Have Been Waiting For!

:Eye Comfort

The R9 Desk Lamp’s design prioritizes the comfort of the user and their eye health, incorporating flicker-free light output and minimal blue light emission. These high-end features reduce eye strain and allow miniature painters to work on their projects for extended periods without discomfort, making the creative process more enjoyable and sustainable, especially for commission painters.

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The LED Lamp Miniature Painters Have Been Waiting For! :Testimonials

Following a colossal success on Kickstarter, the impact of the Redgrass R9 Desk Lamp within the miniature painting community has been cemented by accolades from renowned artists such as Roman Lappat, David Arroba, Angel Giraldez, Duncan Rhodes, Ninjon, and many others.

The lamp has also found favor with the Weta Workshop team, known for their work on the Lord of the Rings special effects.

Furthermore, key comic book artists from Marvel have adopted the R9 Desk Lamp, underscoring its status as the premier choice for creative professionals.

“I’ve got several large LED panels on my workbench and thought this would be the peak of my setup. I was wrong. The Redgrass R9 Desk Lamp blew my mind. My painting experience is a complete new one and I now can see all my miniatures under a fresh light.”Roman Lappat

“This is the best lamp I’ve ever used and tested in terms of materials/quality and because it allows you to adjust it in as many positions as you imagine with zero shaking movements!”Angel Giraldez

“It suddenly hit me that, while I understand colour theory, saturation and contrast, I never considered the need for this in my lamp. Now i understand that need, nothing under my current lamp looks anywhere near that of what i could see under the RedGrass games task lamp.”Lance Allen

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The wait is over!

The Redgrass R9 Desk Lamp marks a notable leap forward in lighting options for miniature painters and creative professionals. With its design that has earned accolades, exceptional color fidelity, and user-centric ergonomic features, it meets the deep-seated requirements of the creative community. This lamp is more than just a source of light; it significantly enhances the creative process, making it an indispensable tool for artists everywhere and the LED lamp miniature painters have been waiting for!

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