Miniature paint brush cleaning tips

How to take care of your Kolinsky brushes?

Ever wanted to try a kolinsky brush? Follow our tips and caring instructions and get ready to take the plunge! If you take care of your Kolinsky brushes properly you will get amazing results and they will last for months even years. So follow our miniature paint brush cleaning instructions and get the best of your natural hair brushes.

sharpest brush for miniature painting
Why is it so hard to remove dry acrylic paints?

Acrylic paint is made of water, acrylic resin, medium, binder, and pigments.

Pigments are easily removed from the brush but acrylic resin is not!

why acrylic paint damage your brushes

The reason is simple, as the water in the paint evaporates the acrylic resin starts a chemical process called polymerization, resulting in a continuous flexible film of plastic! 

So once the paint dries out, it is almost impossible to remove it from the brush without damaging the natural hair. So first rule, never let acrylic paint dry on your brush!

Miniature paint brush cleaning tips

  1. Never let acrylic paint dry on your brush!
  2. Wash with water immediately after use.
  3. Wash gently using a little bit of natural soap and warm water (not hot). Rinse under clear water.
  4. Shake off the water and wipe the brush on a cloth or soft tissue until it is completely dry.
  5. Reform the tip of your brush after cleaning.
  6. Store in a dry area.
caring instructions for kolinsky brushes

How to make your brushes last longer?

kolinsky brushes damage
  • No paint in the ferrule (the metal part between the handle and bristles): when paint hardens inside the ferrule, it causes bristles to flare and break.
  • Let it dry! If you stand a brush with its tip up when wet, any water that remains in the bristles and ferrule will be absorbed by the wooden handle and will ultimately damage your brush.
  • If you need to put down your brush for a few minutes, don’t leave it in your water pot or you will bend the tip of the brush. Use your wavy accessory or put it on a flat surface.

RGG Premium
Kolinsky brushes

Size 2 : It’s your main miniature painting brush. Use it for every situation from basing to layering. This brush has a unique combination of a large belly and a narrow tip.

RGG brush size 2

Size 2/0 : Perfect for your precision work for miniatures, paint small details, and reach recesses. Achieve sharp lines effortlessly. This brush has a tapered point for perfect control.

RGG Brush size #2/0 fine details

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